Thatisbeyond…a weight off of my shoulders!

I love trying a new product. There’s something exciting about the anticipation of what it can offer – something tangible about how it feels, how it changes you (how it makes you feel).

I have just had a shave (I promise I will get to the point) but, what was so special about this shave, was not the products that I used (although I was excited to experiment with a few new products – reviews to follow soon!) but how I felt about it. I have been unable to shave for a week or so (shock horror) because we have moved house and thus far no mirror in bathroom! This meant that the growth of my facial hair was taken out of my hands!!!!! (I was not comfortable with this) if my short foray into male grooming has taught me nothing else, it has taught me that I am in control of how I look – and subsequently how I feel. This monstrosity of hair growth needed to be tamed (and quickly!).

Balancing a freshly unwrapped mirror in the taps above the kitchen sink, I collated a group of products I was keen to test – or in fact to return to. Pushing the fairy liquid aside I ran the tap and filled the kitchen sink with warm water and looked at the array of products in front of me…I couldn’t decide what to use (or in what order!) so I pushed my head into the warm water and emerged with men-u’s clay mask in my hand (I applied it and left it to dry, which thankfully gave me enough time to consider the rest of the offerings! Washed it off and cleansed with the Clinique scruffing lotion, lathered up my wilkinson sword shaving soap – trimmed my side burns with scissors, shaved with the king of shaves hyperglide, then applied eves Taylor’s shave oil, shaved more closely, trimmed nasal hair & ear hair & dodgy old man eyebrows (the problems of growing old!) then jumped in the shower!

I have never felt so liberated! Stripping my face of my unwanted facial hair actually freed my mind, I hadn’t realised how stressed I had felt that I wanted to groom and that I couldn’t!

So whilst I am always up for a Great product, sometimes it’s good to throw all of the rules out of the window and (like children do) just use every crayon in the pencil case just for the hell of it!

I was in such a trance that I don’t think I could (with a reasonable mind) review the qualities of these products, instead I will reuse in the coming weeks (with a focused mind) and see what I truly feel. honestly losing the facial hair has been like lifting a giant weight off of my shoulder!


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