Thatisbeyond… a shift work survival kit

Thatisbeyond… a shift work survival kit!

Hey All, since part of my new job is based in a shared office, I thought I’d do a short run through of what I have right at hand on my desk. Everyone’s work has their own unique challenges, but in the phone room that I work in for some of the week, there are several that the OCD inside me needs to tackle daily!!!

So firstly, there are no designated desks! So one day we will be on one desk, and the very next day someone might be on that one already! We use universal headsets as well so not personal equipment!
(The first thing that I don’t leave home without is Flash wipes!)

Next on my list is anti bacterial hand sanitizer. This is readily available from your local superdrug for around £1.29 for a small bottle, wilkinsons also offer fruity fragrances for 79p within a limited range. But for me these all end up smelling like hospitals – ( times I don’t really want to be reminded of!) and so I she’ll out £2 – £2.50 for a 29ml bottle of Pocketbac by a company called bath and bodyworks. Unfortunately bandbw don’t ship to the uk (I have begged and begged, but alas no luck so far!) and so I have to get them from Ebay instead! (Hence the high price, I think they are 1$ in the US) they come in all sorts of weird and wonderful fragrances, and don’t have that hospital after-smell.
(Island marguerita, Midnight Pommegranate & Winter Cranberry are my current choices, all of which are fresh and not too girly smelling!)

When you use antibacterial hand sanitizer, it is probably a good idea to get a great hand cream too. It just moisturises them, and makes sure that they don’t get dried out by the chemicals in the sanitizer.
I have 2 currently on the go, the l’occitane dry skin hand cream, and the Henri Lloyd Ocean mineral hand protection. The l’occitane is a good choice for the family I would say, it’s a shiny, quite thick consistency (you only need a little bit) and has a kind of baby powder smell to it. It is nourishing and sinks in really easily. To buy on l’occitane’s website, you are looking at £8.00. but I got mine in duty free for £6.50.
I don’t need to tell my regular readers much about this Henri Lloyd cream, I love all of their ocean mineral line and it is one of my staples… Always. This to me is a blokes hand cream, it’s stylish and gentlemanly, and all the guys in my office ask if they can use it!!! It is a lighter consitency and has the SPF 6 for added protection, which is always a bonus.

The next is lip balm, with all of the talking and the air con/ heating, dry lips are a constant problem. So I go back to the best (and most nourishing) lip balm on the market, the Blistex medplus. I have tried other lip balms, but I always return to this one. Always. It has no frills but does the job and is long lasting . This one comes in a little tub, and you apply using your fingers – for me the tubes are a bit of a gimmick, so much product gets lost and wasted and it is a different consistency, that I aliken to lip gloss (which I hate!).

The last item is a large bottle of water!
Any water but it saves the voice and helps the skin!

So there you go!!

What’s at my desk – all of that stuff!

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