That is beyond…The importance of packaging.

That is beyond…The importance of packaging.

Let me tell you something! I am usually the person that laughs at people who discuss the packaging of a product (in great detail). For me i guess that I considered it to be unimportant… How wrong I was!

Over the last few weeks I have a had some product malfunctions (I am not a happy chappy!) and I have to say that it has hit home how important packaging is to a successful product.

Molton brown’s products are great, you know you are getting a quality formula of product, fragrance and benefits, but I was very disappointed to drop one of their body washes on the floor in the shower, and discover that the top is completely broken and no longer sealable. Any packaging needs to handle a bit of wear and tear, and I don’t think dropping it in the shower should render it useless! (I do appreciate that it could be a one off but I can only pass on my experience!).

The second product is the dove men care + silver control anti-perspirant. It has a nozzle that has a click and twist feature to stop the product going off (sort of like a safety cap) somehow in my bag this managed to twist in the wrong direction and get locked in a position where I am unable to use the product. It’s such a shame as it really has a lot of what I am looking for but I simply wouldn’t buy it again because of this unsuitable packaging.

Blistex relief cream – lip balm – this is a hardcore product that works deep into the lips to moisturise them. But unfortunately it is let down by its packaging. There is so much product loss because it seeps out of the nozzle, it’s almost like there is pressure pushing it out of the tube! I know that this isn’t an isolated case because my wife’s is the same. And yet for severely sore lips this is a great last resort.

I don’t like to put negativity out there, and I wouldn’t even mention it if I didn’t like the products themselves. Let’s just hope that the practicalities of the packaging doesn’t let other great products down. It would be a shame to miss out on quality items because of rubbish packaging!


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