Thatisbeyond… The time not to get a manicure

I was travelling my usual commute to work, when at King’s Cross, the lady who had been sat beside me got off, and was replaced by a guy in his early 30’s. To be honest I didn’t pay much attention to him and continued to read my book ( Stage Blood – by Michael Blakemore, it really is an excellent read!) on the approach to Russell Square the Gentleman in question was faffing around in his Laptop bag, and so I turned further away so as not to be interrupted further. The next thing I know there is a gnawing sound and the end of a finger nail lands in the middle of the sentence that I am reading!!!!
As you can imagine I was horrified! Mouth agape, I couldn’t quite get my head around what had happened – who thinks that it is acceptable to clipper ones nails on the tube? I know you can get “travel” manicure sets, but really, the removal of one’s body parts on public transport is a whole new level!
I am not a prude – fair play to any woman (or Man) who chooses to apply their make up on the tube, honestly my hat is off to them, it takes a very specific skill set to achieve that! I also find it perfectly acceptable to sing with your headphones in on the tube, its your life, why not?! But I do draw the line at Hair removal, spitting, peeing and the aforementioned clipping of nails.
What could I do, but turn to the man in question and offer the return of his thumbnail – and then gently tilt the book in his direction. I have to say that I got off lightly, t5he poor blonde lady across from him not only got one in the eye, but also one landed unknowingly in her beautiful locks!
I do wonder why I didn’t say anything (nor did anyone else for that matter) I guess there is something uncomfortable about telling someone to stop doing something that THEY SHOULD KNOW is NOT acceptable. Also as heinous as the crime is, was I just being prudish? My wife didn’t even notice!!!!
So lets conclude by saying that:

Men – it is perfectly acceptable to get a manicure (Should you wish to) – what is not acceptable, is performing that manicure on public transport!


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