That is beyond…Lets talk about men-u

That is beyond…Let’s talk about men-u

This is a review of the men-u ultra concentrate d-tox ‘deep clean’ clay mask. (Now that is a bit of a mouthful!)

This is a light facial mask, that doesn’t have any astringency at all. It advertises itself as fast drying, I can certainly attest to that – it’s been on less than 3 minutes and is already working its magic!

I have used this as a full face mask and I really like it, but (and here’s the secret) this gem of a product is perfect for dealing with an oily t zone. It goes quite far (for a small tube) and it certainly does the job. Once a week, this treatment is a must for any one who’s t zone can get a wee bit greasy. It really feels like it’s drawing the impurities out of the skin.

Ingredients wise… It’s got witch hazel to fight those blemishes and leaves the surface of you face clear of those dead skin cells that can clog up the pores.

I like the branding, it’s simple and effective. It’s also like a miniature range, which means it easily fits in your travel kits and gym bag.

I got mine from feel unique who offer a wide selection from their range including gift sets. Based on this product alone I have to say that the gift sets are worth a try, and I have more of the range to experiment with – so a range review to come soon!

In short… Give it a try, masks are not for everyone but this man thinks this is a good choice.


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