That is beyond…My March Favourites!

Thatisbeyond… My March favourites!

Thismonth has flown by! Between Moving House, marathon training & planning/producing a charity concert, I feel like i have missed most of the month!

All of this has taken its toll on me and it has been a challenging month for my grooming regime, with the products having to work so much harder to make me look even vaguely normal! ( i know that i am asking for miracles, but hey!)

I have spoken about most of these items in earlier blog posts, but felt that they needed further recognition this month. 


Fave Brand-

Let’s talk about @wingmanTF This is  a brand that i have only just started to get to know, but one in which I know I will fit in really well! (and whose products will fit in with me too.) I was lucky enough to win a competition, and so get to sample the first Wingman T-shirt to make it into the UK! (I have now officially named myself The Ambassador of WingmanTF!!!) The T shirt that I have been sent, is a quality product made from great fabric, that has a thickness and a weight to it. But more than that I get the Ethos of the company, It feels like a brotherhood, and its personable.

One could say that there is a novelty factor to  the brand, but from what i have seen this is not the case, it is a quality outfit (in every sense of the word!) that is looking to make its mark as a FASHION line. And I for one subscribe to it!

With delivery to the US, Canada & the UK, ther ereally is no reason why you shouldn’t check out their website and see what this company has to offer.


Fave Skincare –

I could talk about Clinique’s Scruffing lotion til the cows come home! Other than its pink colour ( and yes I think I am man enough to deal!) It is the perfect liquid lotion for my skin. i use it to clear my skin of grease and smog build up, and to refresh between my work and social life. (I have to say that it is especially good for clearing the pores under the collarline of shirts) It’s price is £16 – £20 and lets face it, i am not known for splashing out! But in honesty I would definitely buy this again. It takes the stress away, it isn’t too drying on the skin and it does the job quickly and effectively – I couldn’t ask for more from this product.


Fave Pocketbac-

I go through these little fragranced germ killers at a rate of knots! I highly recommend these to all people working in offices – with telephones and keyboards being the breeding ground for germs, it really doesnt hurt to have some assistance on hand. This month’s fave is Waikiki Surf – its a cocktail of fruit and smells damn good!


Fave Fragrance-

American Crew, mainly known for their haircare, but also have this fragrance. I bought this from and i really like it. There is a spring vibe to it (as its not too heavy) and is a great fusion of modern and classic fragrances. It is reasonably priced  £9.85 from and a great daily wear fragrance that is not too overpowering, but does have a long lasting pay – off.


Fave Shave Product –

It really has been a throw up for two products in this category. I considered the kingofshaves hyperglide razor, which is great ( and a welcome branch away from the well known brands that are releasing “new products” based on technology from 15 years ago). And I will certainly be doing a feature on it in the near future. but i decided to go with the Eve Taylor Sooth shave with sandalwood – shave oil, mainly because it is simply the very best shave oil that i have encountered. The aromatic qualities of this product are amazing and you can really feel the benefits of the ingredient list as you use the product. the very nature of the oil means that you are able to get a very close shave, and because of the lubrication, any nick or cuts are minimal. In this product I believe that they have struck the perfect balance of a man’s necessity in a shaving product and the bonus of what most guys would like in their shaving products.


Fave Hair product –

Having had a fairly short haircut recently, i have been searching the market for products that would achieve the different looks that i require from any haircut. I can;t wait ot get my hands on some hairbond (everyone is literally raving about it) but i have found a little treasure  in the Billy wildhair  – Hair sculpting putty from Soap and Glory. In consitency it is midway between a cream and a putty, and for me it works well. It is lightweight on the hair but also long lasting. It also doesn’t leave yuor hair looking like there is too much product in it either! I find it works well with and integrates well with heat styling, and allso adds shape and texture to damp hair left to fry naturally.. In my opinion, this is a good find. I Bought this as part of a Christmas gift set, but it is available on ebay, individually for as cheap as £3 per pot! Score!


Fave product that I have recently returned to –

This is the Lush BB Seaweed Fresh face mask. (Fresh ingredients and fresh to your face, fresh from the fridge! Where it needs to be kept.) I have returned to this mask because it is nourishing and works particularly well as a pre shave product too! With Lush, you know exactly what is in the products that you are buying, and the staff are so knowledgable, that you can pretty much take what they say as gospel! It’s around £6 for a tub and that lasts for six weeks, and around as many applications too.


Fave Sports Product –

As you may have already noted, I champion Champney’s as a top sports brand for the active male, and this is the newest of the line that i have tried, and oh boy is it good! “Sports Therapy” is an accurate description – its not a miracle worker, but it does take the edge of overworked muscles to make the next morning that little bit more bearable. These are available on the high street and from, and i strongly suggest that you get your hands on this peppermint muscle releiving gel as soon as you can – i promise you will not regret it.

That is beyond my March Favourites, what are yours?


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