Thatisbeyond… My approach to fashion!

Thatisbeyond… My approach to fashion!

My approach to fashion, is much the same as my approach to hairstyles… Namely ‘what can I get away with!’

I am a realist. As much as I would like to wear what I see on the catwalks, there is not the space within the fashion industry to showcase clothes that fit people of my size. I’m not bitter, clothes look amazing on models, and on the runway. But by the time this clothing has filtered down to the high street, miraculously “regular fit” has been influenced by the fashion on the runway and no longer… Well, fits.

Take skinny jeans for example. Not a fashion choice I make, because I look ridiculous in them. The clue is in the name skinny jeans suit skinny people, the require the wearer to have sleek lines, not muffin tops! But low and behold when I go in search of “normal” regular fit jeans, the suddenly are fitting more and more snugly (in all the wrong ways) and I find myself, with the best intentions, with no option but to brave them on a night out!

I like bold colour, and blocks of it seem to suit me quite well. I particularly like the asometric colour blocking I have seen with whites greys and yellows (I don’t know whether that’s “In” this season or not, but a guy like me can’t be fussy!) Patterns I can get away with providing it’s not the whole look, it’s broken up with a block of plain colour.

Make a bold choice when you can. I did a few years ago before the trend of the short suit came in – everyone thought I was mad wearing a blazer and matching shorts to a wedding in the West Country! But not only was I ahead of the curve, and as mad and “bohemian” as they considered me to be, it also suited me – which Is why I chose to wear it in the first place! (Evidently it is the most comfortable I have been at a wedding in a long time.)

Translation of looks from the Catwalk to the average Joe, is infinitely easier for men of my size than it is for my female counterparts. Namely because of tailoring. Tailoring is the key to dressing successfully whether formally or casually – and the reason why if in doubt add some structure to you outfit.

Suits hide a multiple of sins. They build up the shoulders, give you a sleek line, they lengthen, they draw focus to our most flattering parts. Tailoring is a staple of any wardrobe – from blazers to chinos, waist costs to button downs. And what’s more good tailoring is ever more affordable. I recently found a company Suit Up Uk whose twitter pic was the epitome of what I want in a suit, quality fabric, well fitted and bright blue! In a matter of months it will be possible to get that suit tailored to fit me for around the £250 mark! And trust me, when I have the money I will be getting me that blue suit.

How the process works exactly I am not entirely sure, but money permitting I will be getting that suit and I will let you know all about it – because it is affordable tailoring… And mostly because I can get away with it!

Why not send them a tweet to ask any questions. @suitupuk

Any company that brings quality tailoring for a price, that I can (just about) afford, is a winner in my book.

And as they recently tweeted
“Remember: a well tailored suit is to women, what lingerie is to men.”

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