Thatisbeyond…a chance to talk about shoes!

Thatisbeyond…a chance to talk about shoes!

I used to be a bit of a shoe fiend! My collection was sizeable and I had multiples of the same shoes, trainers, boots & flip flops in different colours! But this was all to change. One day I realised that my daps were dilapidated, my trainers tired & my work shoes had Clearly been worked too hard! So when we were packing to move house, I decided that I would get rid of them and instead create a “capsule collection” instead.

I have to say that this was not an easy task, shoes that are past their sell by date also tend to be your favourites and the most comfortable.
So I had to follow these strict criteria:

A) have I worn them in the last 6 months?
B) are they in anyway broken?
C) No matter how much I love them, will people judge me for wearing them?!!!!!!!!!

And so 23 pairs of shoes made their way to the bin (or to the charity shop) and I am left with a select few that made the cut:
A) NIKE lunar glide running trainers
B) ASICS spare running trainers
C) ADIDAS gym trainers
D) Work shoes black slip ons
E) 1920’s style spats
F) Slippers
G) Havanas whit flip flops

When you consider that one of my basic rules of life is that trainers are for exercise, and only exercise! Flip flops are for summer wear (albeit for the whole of summer) and slippers are for home, that leaves me with TWO pairs of shoes!

The starts realisation is…. I need to get more shoes!

So what’s next on the list for my capsule wardrobe?
Some double monkstrap brown shoes that will work formally or casually, and some summery deck shoes that I can doss around in.
I like espadrilles, they are light weight and (so I have been told) are very comfortable, but I have an extraordinarily high arch which means I can’t get my feet in them, even a size bigger! So most likely it will be some kind of deck shoe.

Any suggestions on spring /summer footwear? I would love to hear them, my capsule collection needs you!


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