ThatIsBeyond… the Zippo you never knew you needed.

As a fashion-forward man, trying to discover the ULTIMATE look, lifestyle and family experience, I find it extremely important that I accessorise every aspect of my life! As the song goes “You’re never fully dressed without a smile” and no holiday is complete without the ultimate swimwear, an easy to use sun cream, a margarita […]

THATISBEYOND…Wallets for a stylish gent!

With a wallet that has fallen apart in my I hand, I turn to my wife and say “Maybe a new wallet for Valentines Day?” We are dancing the “Gift tango” again, with neither one of us being particularly helpful to the other with suggestions!  But a wallet is actually a great idea, because I […]


Today’s post is a daily look! This look is put together mainly to focus on some accessories that I have recently acquired. In my line of work, this type of styling is completely appropriate and benefits from transferring easily from day, to a post work drinks! Working from a muted base of dark blue and […]

Thatisbeyond… Accessorising a suit beyond the office!

Thatisbeyond… Accessorising a suit beyond the office! Many professions require men to spend a lot of time in a suit, its just part of the job. As visionary as designers get ( we saw a brief flutter of short suits being acceptable) it is only really in the arts that we saw this take off. […]

Thatisbeyond…a chance to talk about shoes!

Thatisbeyond…a chance to talk about shoes! I used to be a bit of a shoe fiend! My collection was sizeable and I had multiples of the same shoes, trainers, boots & flip flops in different colours! But this was all to change. One day I realised that my daps were dilapidated, my trainers tired & […]