ThatIsBeyond…takin care of your hair! A review of the Jack the lad haircare range.

Thatisbeyond… Takin care of your hair! A review of the the Jack The Lad haircare range.

It’s about time that I said a little sumin sumin about a little range of products that I am sure you have all heard at least a bit about… Jack The Lad.

It was a Joyeous day when these products arrived on my doorstep! And straight away I decided that I would commit to these products and give them a real test. To this end I got my hair cut to a much shorter and versatile style to give them a test that would really challenge them!

This amazing line has four different products that provide varying levels of hold and are also all different in consistency and texture… This line really has something to offer all of us guys.

Shine Pomade 1* hold
Texture Cream 2* hold
Matte Wax 3* hold
Choc Shaper 4* hold

This range covers all of the bases – there is something there suitable for any occasion, and for that manner any guy. So it’s probably about time, that I gave you my opinion on each of them!

The shine pomade is a really light wearable product that helps create shape in a loose style. Of all of the range, this is the one that will leave your hair looking as though you are not wearing any product. It will give a bit of bounce to a style and add a little natural looking volume.
It’s really simple to use, I simply massage a little of it into the roots of my hair and then let nature do the rest. It also gives the hair a natural shine, so great for photography. It smells good too, a light fresh berry fragrance.
The only pomade that I use regularly is the American Crew one (which I also really like) but this is a much more versatile product. This is also very good for after exercise as it allows movement without sweat interfering too much with it. Again it’s only a light hold but really affective at what it does!

The texture cream smells exactly like toffee popcorn! It is delicious! It provides medium (to light hold) and again is quite mouldable as a product. I found with this one, you need to work it into the fingers, the apply from root to tip. This is great for creating a smart side parting, but also allows volume to be added to the style. (There is always a danger with the side parting, that it will look like you have glued it down!) but this is a much more natural feeling product, which in turn creates a much more natural style.

For what I need in a product, the matte wax ticks all of the boxes. I can realistically create a style suitable for work, or a style for a big night out, and all I need is this tub of citrusy wax in my Manbag!
This ideal product is a hybrid of a clay and a wax, you do have to work it into the hair to make sure you don’t get dried white product in your locks! But if you just use a little, this is the one I would choose, it has great hold but also some move-ability (no more statue hair!) Honestly I have not found a product that even comes close to this one.

Finally the chocolate shaper! And yes, you guessed it… It smells of chocolate!
This product is hard to describe, it provides a firm hold, and is a blend of a cream and a balm. Those modern spiky hairstyles that the young and hip are sporting these days, this is what they should be using, because it is so nourishing and it works! This is gonna maintain any gravity defying style (works very well for the basis of a 50’s quiff too!)

In short, it has been a pleasure trying Jack the Lad for myself, what they have absolutely right, is the correct blend of the best qualities of different styling products! I can honestly say I will use all of this range and will definitely be replacing the matte wax (which I have already made a big dent in)!

At £8.75 per tub, these aren’t too expensive, but I cannot wait to get my hands on the much talked about hairbond range – if these lines are anything to go by i am in for a treat!

Why not treat yourself?!

These are my own opinions, I was grateful to receive these samples for the purpose of review and will definitely be purchasing them in the future.

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