Thatisbeyond… A little Neal’s Yard Remedies Haul

Thatisbeyond… A little “Neal’s Yard remedies” haul.

So let me tell you a little something about me. I am a very nervous traveller, this includes all sorts of transports from planes to tubes, from cars to boats. And the thing about my nervous travelling is that some days it is worse than others, and this can be for no apparent reason whatsoever.
Clearly, There are many contributing factors (most of which I won’t go into as I save those for my counsellor) but the more common ones are stress, tiredness & bad diet.
Recently I have noticed an increase in anxiety levels, and it’s because I now travel during rush hour either end of my day (it sucks) and I have had to become a little creative in how I tackle it. The problem with anxiety, is that it can control you if you don’t learnt to control it first!

So I made a trip into Covent garden to explore what Neal’s Yard Remedies had to offer. I felt very adult going into their shop! There is a calming aura to it, and I instantly felt my shoulders drop. As well as my travel remedy I was also looking for a blend that would help me sleep a bit better. ( I find it very hard to unwind, and even when I do get a decent amount of sleep, it is often very shallow and I will wake up exhausted.)

But this was the place for me, it not only had knowledgable staff, but it also had a variety of products that have been developed for these issues ( I should add that the skincare smells amazing and their male range of grooming products look and smell fantastic)

I made 2 purchases, setting me back around £35 but, I am also aware that if they work, it will be worth 10 times that in quality of life!
The first product that I bought was the ‘Australian bush flower essences’ travel skin and space mist. 50ml. It is basically a concoction of flowers and herbs in a liquid spray, that you can apply directly onto the skin (or as the name suggests into your surrounding space) which aims to make you feel calm and prepared for the journey ahead.

Now the key question is does it work? Well, it does for me! I’m not gonna claim that it is a miracle worker that erases the anxiety surrounding travel, but it does have a calming effect on me. This is my rescue remedy, I don’t use it everyday, but if I am feeling particularly overwhelmed then this can be the difference between me getting on the tube and not.
Some of you sceptics out there will be saying it’s all in my head … And maybe it is, but If it works what’s the harm in it. Clearly all things are not going to be for all people, but for me it was worth investing.

My second purchase was a set of four roll on oils. All blended for different purposes, I bought the complete set to see how they worked out for me. They came in a little hessian bag which keeps them all together, and these are the blends that you get in the ‘remedies to roll’ collection:

Night time

The energy one has become my desk drawer concoction as it’s great to pep you up after lunch on a Friday afternoon!
The travel one I use everyday before I get on the tube to get a soothing start to my day.
Night Time, it goes without saying that I use before bed to chill out.
And relaxation, I use as an aid to stress relief (normally whilst I am counting to ten!)

I think these are nifty little products that really make me feel better inside. They were around £20 for the four and I think that was really quite reasonable (especially as you use so little of them)

To apply, you simply roll on to any part of the body where the layers of skin are naturally thin. A couple of dots on the temples, on the wrists and in the creases of the elbows. The night time on rid particularly good, and I have had a noticeably better sleep pattern since I have begun to use these.

Some guys out there might think that all this is a bit “namby pamby”. But to them I say each to their own. Looking after yourself is not just about how you look. It’s about how you feel inside too.

As I said before, these products won’t be fair everyone, but I am glad that for whatever reason, they seem to work for me!

Thatisbeyond… The truth!


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