That is beyond…Typical that is beyond bad luck!

That is beyond… Typical that is beyond bad luck!

Why is it that the moment I have absolutely no money, a lot of my favourite stores and websites start having a sale? Some would say it’s Sod’s law. I would say it’s just my luck. I have always had ( as some of my Uni friends would say) the luck of a… Git!

Maybe there is something to be said for the idea that I have been drawn to things that I wouldn’t necessarily want when I do have some moula burning a hole in my pocket! Whatever it is though, it’s very frustrating!

You see there is an expiration date on my “broke” predicament. I have just started a new job and I have had to move from being paid weekly to monthly which has left a huge discrepancy in my bank balance! The result of this is 5 weeks of no pay, which is pretty much the length of time that these sales will be running for! So instead I thought I would let you guys know where the sales are and how you can get your hands on the items I won’t be buying at a discounted rate!

Firstly let’s talk about Swedish brand Bjorn Borg, the ultimate place for underwear! Whether it’s for sporting requirements or for fashion reasons, these are top of the line for fit and design.
White briefs called “basic” provide a cool look and nice traditional fit for those who prefer the feel of a brief. You know what your getting with these and at £11.90 it’s quality at an affordable price.
“Haze” are a two pack set that have Awesome style, superb fit and a longer boxer brief leg length. £25.20
“running solids” provide the same excellent fit but with a shorter leg length and come in at a reasonable £23.20 for a duo pack
What will Bjorn Borg offer? Support, comfort and a range of designs that will knock the socks off of most other conventional brands!
Visit: www.
To see for yourself.

Top man have a fantastic sale, that is currently running and is available online or in store. Here are Some of my fashion picks from their online sale.
The taxonomy black floral fade out t shirt. At £8 this is a bargain that is I trend but also a little less conventional that your average T.
The cobalt flannel skinny blazer is a nice bit of highstreet tailoring, reduced from £110 – £40. I would suggest trying the fit in store, as I doubt even their bigger sizes would fit someone of my size, but it’s a beautiful jacket overall.
The Dune razor-striped laser detail lace up formal shoes come in at £44 and are quite nifty looking. What I look for in footwear is something wearable for work and for dressing up for a night out, and this pair fits that criteria nicely. The textured section of the upper is an interesting but subtle addition to the design and I like these a lot.
These chinos are “homme logan” trousers and to be honest I picked them for the colour! The skinny fit is not my preference but for £20 let’s face it they are a bargain.
The clothing from topman is great, but the stars of their sales are definitely their footwear – which blew me away when I saw the breadth of different designs available. If you need shoes, this is the place for you.

These are the offerings from Asos
Rock & Religion Chino Shorts £24
Rock-Religion/Rock-Religion-Paisley-T-Shirt £18
FCUK Sports Sunglasses &18
ASOS Wallet with Contrast Elastic £4

Asos are my one stop shop for accessories. Because they stock so many brands, I find their sizing is not consistent and very hit and miss, but their accessories are fantastic this wallet and sunglasses are my pick for this summer, and let’s face it… The price is right aswell!

So get out there into the sales and enjoy them, whilst I can’t! There are also some amazing other brands that are starting their summer sales – so don’t miss out, keep up with them on twitter, and spend spend spend!


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