Thatisbeyond… Tweezerman – the tweezers of Man

Thatisbeyond…Tweezerman – the Tweezers of Man!

Before I started my foray into male grooming, honestly other than for catching splinters, I couldn’t have told you why me (a guy) would need to possess a pair of Tweezers!

I discovered Tweezerman through some you tubers that I watched, who talked about how different that this brand was to anything else on the market. And of course because they are “Tweezerman” it meant that it was ok to buy some! I was astounded that there were so many grooming tools on offer from this brand, from items to tame your Mo and attend to your beard, to items that will take care of those painful ingrown hairs!

Tweezerman have released their G.E.A.R range, and I have been spending some man time with this sleek streamlined range. For the last three months I have been using these products religiously and fully testing what I can use them for.

The first product that I received was the “Moustache scissors with comb”. Now I’m more of a stubble guy than I am a full-on moustache guy, but this has not stopped me from regularly using this neat little combo. Firstly, the scissors are super sharp and are really good for precise snipping! Those straggly hairs that hang over the corners of your mouth, and stray nasal or ear hairs are easily kept in check ( and I have also been using them to keep the hair on my torso and chest looking controlled). But the genius of this product is actually taming the over eye sweat Barriers that are my eyebrows! The little comb enables you to really move the hairs around to get a good shape to them and the precision you can achieve with the scissors makes this process really easy, leaving them with a natural look (instead of looking like a drunk guy has been let loose with a roll of gaffa tape!)

The “Slanted tweezers” are a great all round pair of tweezers that do a great job. When you buy a cheaper pair, I find the quality is off – the blades are not precise enough and there is note bought strength in the metal to maintain a good grip on individual hairs. I found these were effective at dealing with I growing hair and because they are precise, you are not jabbing away at the skin or follicles which can sometimes cause infection and inflame the area. They’ll also keep the monobrow in check and keep you looking tip top all of the time.

The G.E.A.R range has a whole lot more to offer as does Tweezerman as a brand, I really have liked every product that I have encountered and I think that they last well also. (I have. Pair of multipurpose tweezers that are 18 moths old and still as good as they day that I got them!) I should also add that my next purchase will be an I growing hair specific pair, as this is an affliction that I suffer with and so I think it’s worth investing in those too.

So if you need to take command of your tweezing habits, Tweezerman is the way to go.


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