thatisbeyond…Empty bottles on empty tables!

thatisbeyond… Empty bottles on empty tables!

Ted Baker London face scrub
(From the teds grooming room range) really like this one, it’s a kind of salt grain consistency scrub and you really feel it working into the skin and purifying it. A fresh fragrance too. This is the item from their range that I have used most consistently and my skin is looking much brighter because of it. This whole range is well worth checking out properly, it’s available from teds grooming room and on the highstreet, I think the scrub was around the £7 mark.

Lush BB Seaweed fresh face mask. I love these fresh masks, they are great! And because they utilise fresh ingredients, you know that you aren’t pumping you skin full of harmful additives. This is a seaweed mask and I have to say that it did a good job of clearing the pores and enriching the top layer of skin. It’s not my absolute face from lush, their rose mask (great for a pre shave mask) may sound girly, but is all man in a tub! And that is the best one that I have tried. This one is good, and worth a try, but it doesn’t have the magic of the rose mask.

Boots extracts cocoa butter sugar scrub. I have got into using a scrub in the shower, and this is one of two I am talking about in this post. It is sugary sweet, but not too girly, I have to say it leaves a kind of bright film on the skin, but does also make the skin look super well-conditioned.
Plus side, me and the wife can both use it, negatives I think that for a similar price point, the next scrub is a far better fit for me.

Palmers Cocoa Butter formula body scrub. This is an exfoliater and polisher of the skin, and it smells like a trip to a Willy Wonka factory! I am not normally a huge fan of chocolate scents, but this doesn’t feel scented it kind of feels more natural. It is creamy in formula with brown bead like pieces that work into the skin unabbrasively and leave it looking extremely well conditioned. The one negative is that the brown pieces seem to get everywhere, so you need to hose down the tiles around the shower after every use!

Soap’er man hair and body wash by soapandglory. I never use products on my hair that are supposed to clean my skin and my hair, to me it’s counter intuitive as it can’t possibly to both jobs well! So I have used this simply as a shower gel, and I have to say I like it! It’s a stronger fragrance than I would perhaps normally use, but for a special occasion it’s something a bit different. It’s heavier in scent and reminds me of a lighter “Joop”. This miniature came as part of a soap and glory mens gift set and I haven’t seen them selling the products individually, but if you see it at Christmas, why not try it out??

American crew classic fragrance. I have spoken about this fragrance previosusly, an do have just ordered another one! This is a summery fragrance that is fresh manly and summery all at once, and of all of the scents I have worn, this one gets the most response from people asking what it is and where they can get it… ( American crew classic and respectively) this is the perfect carry around in a Manbag fragrance (and is great for slipping into a suit pocket on a hot wedding, I discovered)! It retails at under £10 and the quality is top notch, it would also be one of my top overall summer picks.

Fat Hair “0” calories amplifying shampoo. SLS free, it doesn’t foam up as much as other brands that do contain these pesky sulphates, but bit does this product do what it says on the tin! This is an amplifying shampoo and with all of the Fat Hair range, they build thickness and body to any style. I have got through several of these shampoos (and conditioners for that matter) and I will continue with them as I find them gentle on the scalp too. They are £5-£6 but I got them on offer in Superdrug for under £3 each!

Bath and bodyworks ‘Fresh balsam’ Pocketbac. I go on record as saying that I love the Pocketbac range. I always have several on the go – one in the manbag a couple at the office and one at home. It keeps those nasty germs at bay and smells nice too! The Fresh Balsam is a winters fragrance with pine and a tad of menthol (for many a Christmas scent, I think it is good all year round!) I have to buy these from eBay, and so the tend up costing £2 -£3 each.

The or!ginal laces company red 75 laces (retail at £10 for this size) I love these! They are quirky and add interest to your boring lace up! These were gifted to me, but they make me so happy when I wear my shoes with these laces. I now want to get myself some yellow ones and some baby blue ones. It struck me that these would be great for weddings, if all the groomsmen had matching laces! These are really great and the quality of the laces and the flooglebinders are really high. ( I think that these come in a couple of colours) yes I will be buying some more in the near future!

So these are my empties – a varying bunch and on the whole good products too!


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