Thatisbeyond…the epic search!

Thatisbeyond…the epic search!

This search has been epic. I have been on a bit of an roller coaster – and what’s worse, is that it has all been in aid of spending some time relaxing!

I am of the ‘school of thought’ that the right holiday will just jump from the computer screen and suddenly a gap in the cloudy sky will open up and a luminescent beam of light will stream down to the pictures of the translucent waters and suddenly I will realise, right then and there, that this is the right one!

All of the dramatics aside, this has happened every time before and I have just known that the resort and the place were right for the trip that we wanted to make. But I don’t know if it was my impending 30th birthday or if I haven’t see the right one yet, but we have been searching for months and … Nothing.

There is something about having a larger budget for the holiday which is freaking me out! When you spend a couple of hundred quid, you make the best of it, but when you are looking to spend closer to a grand each, the goalposts have moved significantly – which is stressing me out.

More than this though, my indecisiveness and inability to commit to any aspect of the booking process has meant that my lovely wife has been putting up with a lot!

There are so many factors to consider

1) Does ‘All Inclusive’ mean that everything is included? ( you can have this one for free… No it doesn’t)
2) Is it better to go further afield to a less posh resort or ‘closer and posher’
3) What does rainy season actually mean?

And when it seems like you’ve found the perfect one, it’s on budget, the pictures look good, and the trip advisor rating is relatively in favour or the resort – that’s when you realise that the website has defaulted back to leaving tomorrow! Arrrrgggghhhh!

With the dawn of the internet revolution (how 1990s) we now get to choose every element of every aspect of our holidays. And I frickin’
Hate it. There is a reason that the package holiday was so popular, because it took the STRESS out of it.

At point of writing we still have not booked out holiday, and the truth of the matter is that if we weren’t in such a need of a holiday, I would just not bother with searching any more. The search for the holiday has left me in more dire need of a holiday.
And that is how they get you… As you are adding all the extras to the ever increasing cost, you say to yourself I am gonna have a bloody good one no matter the cost because I won’t be able to cope with going through with this again any time soon!



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