ThatIsBeyond…Why it has to be more than just losing weight!

I, like a number of people out there, need to lose some weight. This is not the pressures of society, the magazines or the fact that clothing never fits me (although I am sure that these are huge contributors to many, and to me respectively), it is about me “Getting Into Shape” In the real sense.

I lost my shape some time ago. I can’t pinpoint exactly when it was, but I went from some one who has shape, to someone who looks like they are made of Marsh Mallow! Genetics have their role to play in this, as do diet, but whatever the reasons I feel that I am missing the shape of my body.

I’m not complaining about anything in particular, and in some areas I have considerable muscle definition. My thighs and calves are really well defined, and the muscle is clearly developed. But venture above the belt line on my jeans and those lines begin to lose clarity! (My body shape from this point upwards basically becomes a wide truncated mass.)

In the past people have said “Do Some Exercise”, or “Eat Healthier Food” but what they don’t realise is that these things help lose weight, but they don’t change my body shape, which is my cause for concern. I have run a marathon and trained very hard for it, i do regular exercise even if it’s in my own home, and frankly I can’t afford to pay for a gym membership. But still one thing remains, even when I lost over 4 stone, It did nothing to develop my body shape.

A lot of my gym going buddies (some of whom post daily pics of them selves looking all toned after a 4 hour gym session!) utilise protein shakes and other sources of protein to feed the muscles. Although I can’t afford it, I did consider it for a while, but they all contain dairy, which I can’t tolerate (well my digestive system can’t anyway) and on top of that, how do I know that this isn’t just going to make me fatter?
I am no expert on all of this but that would be a legitimate concern for me.

I follow the lean machines, a couple of guys with a lot of personality, and with all of the skills of the excellent personal trainers that they are. I love their videos and I really want to be able to transform myself, but it never seems to quite be enough to make any difference.

So whilst I will battle on with the bulge, and I do need to lose weight, for me it’s about getting into shape… Any shape… Hell I’d settle for a rhombus!

I will be running again from next week – a concerted effort and if and when I get a pay rise then maybe a gym membership will be on the cards.

Until though then any top tips would be greatly appreciated. And @leanmachines if you were to do a London “meet up” work out (and I think you should!) please sign me up!

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