Thatisbeyond… Knowing your fitness goals.

I am no fitness guru! In fact, I should probably receive an award for my achievements in procrastination! So I have decided to turn this around and see what I can achieve by changing my attitude to exercise,for the better.

It’s not that I can’t do it, once I set my mind to something I tend to achieve it (if only by the skin of my teeth!). So I have enlisted the help of my local gym, which I can ill afford, but I think will give me the push to achieve my fitness goals. No longer will I be the guy with the membership that never uses it, I will be the guy that strives to fit in a work out wherever he can!

But what are my fitness goals? For me it’s really important that I specify exactly what they are, without shading over the issue. Yeah I want to lose weight, but how much? Where would I like to lose it from? When do want to achieve this by?
All of these questions are just as important.

There are body shapes that I would like to achieve, but how do I go about doing this? I am going to set out my goals as best as I can… Right here and right now! So that there is no going back on my word. Once it’s published I have to do it!

So here goes…

Weight Loss
Total to lose: 4 stone
Reason: I was at my most comfortable at this weight, I didn’t feel like I was carrying around excess. In short I felt like me. I have been a lot lighter than 13 stone and I have been (and am) a lot heavier, but for me 13 was the magic number!
How: Controlling my diet, cutting out the crap and not drinking beer (which will easily be the hardest part). I will be working on a high intensity cardio, with circuits built in. I love running and I love circuits so by increasing the intensity this should work well for me. I will also be aiming for 2 twelve mile runs a week!

Body Shape
Individual Goals:
Slimming down the middle is the most important goal in terms of shaping. I am a broad guy, so it will make a lot of difference to be tauter around the middle.
Man boobs: Embrace a more muscled chest area so that my shirts don’t gape in the chest area.
General Goal:
I want to be able to fit into a slim fit shirt, for my works new year party at the end of January.
How: lots of core work, sit ups just don’t do an awful lot for me. So for me it will be a lot of swimming and maybe some hockey (where the low body position engages the core really effectively. Chest presses and fat burning will also help.

I don’t really notice that I am exercising if it is in a group environment! So I am planning to regularly attend body combat or yoga or something so that I am part of a group of people, rather than lonely old me!
I also do dance classes which are really fun and give an excellent all round workout. For me it’s important to be adaptable also. I don’t want to be so muscle bound that I have no flexibility (whilst there is no danger of this happening, flexibility is also really important to me!)

I want to be addicted to exercise! I have spent a lot of my life being addicted to smoking or food of having one too many pints! But it would be nice to be addicted to something that is at it’s heart, really good for me!

Now for the scary bit… I am going to photograph and post my results! So there is no going back!!!!!!! I will be posting those on my tumblr account with the weekly exercises that I have been loving and any other interesting fitness related tidbits!

The first one will go up at the end of next week before the weekend.

This will singularly be the most scary thing I have ever done, but if I’m gonna do it, I will do it properly!

Wish me luck


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