Thatisbeyond…My daily look!


For a special occasion, it’s worth making the effort… And in my humble opinion, it’s no effort at all to wear a bow tie! So this is a celebration of @latraybelle ‘s birthday daily look which comprises of a Dinner Jacket and funky tartan accessories!

Dinner Jacket (two pieces) from Primark in a 44″ Chest and a 36″ Waist. A bargain at £50. You are never gonna get a tailored fit off of the rack, but this is a good fit on me, and I feel like a million dollars!

Dress Shirt (with textured front panel)
£19.99 from H&M and this is in an XL – even thought his is the largest size that they do, it is still tight around my 17″ neck, so any guys with a bigger neck size will need to look elsewhere!

Tartan Bow Tie & Pocket Square
These were a nice little set from and Cost the princely sum of £7 in the sale! The bow tie is of a good quality, with good quality metal work and stitching. I like this tartan as it is a nod to Scotland, but is also a nice texture and pattern to an otherwise quite plain look.

Shoes … I fricking love these, I call them spats, but I also know that this is not the correct word for them! Black and white 1920’s style with a nod to a classic brogue. These add a bit of drama to a look. They are also a shiny patent which looks a million bucks. I bought them new from EBay, by Italian brand Rossellini. And they cost £40. Now that is what I call a bargain!

So today’s daily look is a smart one, but when you have a wife as beautiful as mine, every bit of effort is needed. I feel like a real man in this outfit, and on her arm.

I’m a very lucky man.


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