Thatisbeyond… My gym bag grooming products.

With my newest phase in exercise officially underway, I thought it was time to embrace a new brand of grooming products in my wash bag! And the chosen range is the nspa men range.

Their range is a four step system, that follows a logical order set out on the packaging

1 Wash
2 Shave
3 Hydrate
4 Style

It’s pretty simple stuff really and it makes sense to use the products in that order! I will be veering slightly away from the norm as I won’t be shaving at a the gym, but non eye less the step will be taken on board.

Step 1 the nspa invigorating bodywash. The scent features menthol and ginseng which seems to me to be quite a sharp and refreshing combination! This does contain SLS but I will let you know how drying this is to the skin once I have used it. It is however Paraben free, so that has got to tick a box.

Step 1 (part 2) the nspa active face wash. I find the skin on my face to be much more sensitive and much more translucent, so I tend to use a face wash designed specifically for that reason. As all of these products are dermatologically tested I am hoping that this will be a better balance for my face. It’s the same. Fragrance as the body wash and suitable for all skin types (well that’s what the packaging says anyway!)

Step 2 the nspa smoothing face scrub. You will remember that step 2 is about shaving, and that I am not going to be shaving, but I this face scrub buffs away the dead skin to allow a closer shave, which intoning means it is going to leave the skin looking brighter and well conditioned.

Step 3 the nspa soothing post shave serum. This is a moisturiser essentially that deals with with the irritated skin areas. In the past I have found that similar products work well on dry irritated areas that occur naturally and so I will be using this to tackle those in combination with my usual daily moisturiser.

Step 4 I don’t have One, I test so many styling products that I didn’t pick anything up! But in my humble opinion if you get the foundations of skincare correct the rest will work just fine!

Also in my wash bag are the FCUK Vintage body spray

Bath and bodyworks Honolulu sun ‘Pocketbac’

Jean Paul Gautier ‘Le Male’ EDT

I will keep you posted with how I get on with it all!!!!

Have a great day


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