Thatisbeyond…Autumn Layers

It was that time… That time when you know it’s probably for the best that you pack away the Bermuda shorts and little vests and reach into the depths of your stored winter wear!

I love winter, and so I hate to get rid of anything that might “one day be useful”. So let’s see, printed candy cane sweatshirt, check. Christmas pudding festive jumper, check. Thermal undies, check. All the classics were there. But then I realised that it’s October and people would think I was a complete loon if I wandered around in October dresses as the proverbial Christmas pudding!

So what autumn/ fall items did last year have to offer that will not look out of place this season?

Scarves, scarves and more scarves. Everything from a simple pashmina to a full on wooden snood. And after all, what is autumn if not the best opportunity to work those layers!

My advice this season is to go with thin layers and lots of them. Office wear should be plumped up with the third piece of your suit and a light plain scarf. This way if it is unseasonably warm, as it has been know to be in UK from time to time, you can rock a lunchtime jaunt without the jacket. As with every season make the most of your accessories. An interesting tie clip, or pocket watch chain can spruce up a look and altogether look more “finished”. In an artsy environment, why not add some interest to your footwear with some contrasting laces, and I am always an advocate for “funsocks”, so go as crazy as you like!

Fit, is everything, and in autumn I like to wear a wider legged trouser and style it out with that thirties and forties vibe. Aside from it being a cool style, it allows the skin to breathe a little more instead of being horrible and clammy all the time! And it’s a smart but comfortable alternative to the skinnier and skinnier cut we have been seeing from the end of 2013 through to the present day.

Headgear is always a must, but ensure you have the suitable styling products to tame the beast on arrival! Autumn/winter for me represents “diligaf” do I look like I give a f**k? Because as the colder weather ensues, so too will my layers of outrageous patterns and knitwear! (One needs to believe in diligaf to go that far!)

So get your autumn look underway and layer it up, accessorise and take into account a little function below the fashion.



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