ThatIsBeyond…”The Apprentice” fever – a sharply dressed bunch!

I love the apprentice. Yes it’s about business, and yes they somehow manage to find some of the most dislikeable, ignorant & egotistical business minds, but on top of all of that the trend has been that we are seeing better and better dressing from the male candidates.

I looked up from episode 2 last night and realised that all (apart from 1) who were on that screen, were wearing a tie that I would wear! They showcase everything from the wacky, to the Preppy, to the modern and on the whole they are also showcasing very well fitting suits as well. Now I can’t vouch for whether they have been styled this way for the show, or whether this is their own personal style, but whatever the reason they are hitting it out of the park!

What I have also liked is the fact that it’s all easily transferable to everyday life. Even with my body shape there were two or three different cuts that would work! I also had to laugh that with this weeks task, that they were all really standoffish about the “fashion elements” clearly at least half of the group were switched on with regards to their own attire choices.

Solomon has a rich skin tone, meaning that he can really go there with regards to colour and/or pattern.
In the promo picture above, he features a wide cut pale yellow tie, with an almost metallic style suit with a bit of shine. The suit is well fitting but also a more forgiving and casual cut. No accessories on this occasion, but that was probably the right choice as there is a fair amount going on in the suit itself. The knot of the tie is wider, and so more youthful to wear.

I like Mark’s promo shot, it’s a sharp suit that has a lot more structure to it, but doesn’t bulk him up too much, mark probably has the most similar frame to me, very broad across the chest and shoulders. The tonal changes in the fabric adds some depth and the simple black tie and white slither of pocket square is classic styling. It also makes a feature of the tie clip.
I should add though that I particularly liked his preppy style tie in episode two, that was thicker diagonal stripes in a bold red and navy blue. For me the best tie of the series so far!

Scott’s much slighter frame, has been shown off in this standard slimmer fit suit. This kind of suit is not wearable by someone with my measurements, but is a good choice for him. He is very pale, and therefore it would be difficult to really go there with some of the brighter colours we have seen on others. This powder blue tie, with a richer coloured pocket square has bridged the gap nicely, and has made these simple items into a sharp suit.

Well whatever you think of the person, he is a sharp dresser. He has this classic style, with an über modern colour scheme, down. Even the pattern on his tie is classic in design, but the rich pink really changes its direction. It’s important to remember, when you are as tall and as lanky as he is, there is an attitude that you need to wear with this type of fashion, you need to own it. For me it’s just a bit too well put together?! Although this shirt has a lovely detailing in the wider collar and helps to make him look broader and well built.

Again, whatever you think of him (and I have a fair amount to say on that point) the fit and fabric of this suit is great, for someone who is tightly wound, he needs the carefree fit of this suit to loosen him up a bit! This combo is the fashion of someone determined to be taken seriously, and this grey black tailoring is working hard to ensure that he is. The problem is his mouth is undoing the hard work that the suit is achieving! I can’t be sure, but I fully expect to see little change in his style, this look is formulaic to his success, but it doesn’t feel contrived. All in all a job well done.

James has got this absolutely right, this is a trendy and fresh entrepreneur, but one who will be taken seriously in the board room. This vintagey woollen tie brings a contrasting texture to the sheen of this blue suit and the matching pocket square is a great addition too. The brown belt is smart and subtley breaks up the mass of blue . Again this cut won’t work for everyone, but this could well be a good option for most people. Any bright colour is going to work with this suit, but be warned that gold accessories are going to be too much, focus on the cooler metals and you can’t go far wrong.

Outfit of the season so far… Well it has to be one of Solomon’s, the right balance of age appropriate, whimsy and business like. He has set the standard for the rest of the season!

And it’s not just the candidates who have upped the stakes for a bloody good tie! Oh no, leading the way are Nick and Lord Sugar Himself (Karen Brady is looking very good too). I haven’t been able to fault any of the style choices made by our beloved team so far this season (Sir Alan’s preppy diagonal striped tie being a personal fave)

In short, this show is about more than just business. A level of stylish dressing is required… But if Sarah is to be believed then it doesn’t matter how well the guys are dressed because ladies skirts can always get shorter, and their faces can always be covered by layer upon layer of slap!
(No amount of style will save her if Karen catches her saying that again!

I say roll on the egos, roll on the business talk, roll on the firings, but most of all roll on the fashion!


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