ThatIsBeyond… A close shave technique

A couple of years ago I watched a YouTube tutorial about shaving, and for a while it became my mantra for getting a close shave. It is the NESW method, like the points on a compass, and whilst it was a little time consuming, it did ensure a closer shave.

It’s generally accepted that you shouldn’t shave against the grain, but it’s not always easy to know your face as well as you need to, to do that! I certainly don’t know the direction of the hair growth for every follicle on my face!! So for a long time I adopted this technique to achieve the closest shave possible for my budget.

First some warning signs:

~ If you have sensitive skin, this will increase scraping by 4 times, so this may not be best for you gents.

~ A fair number of shaving products have drying affects on your skin, so using more of the product will further dehydrate your skin, so a bloody good moisturiser is required.

~ for those of you who don’t change your blade for every shave (and we have all done it) do change it every time or cuts WILL happen!

It’s a really simple method.
First, I go from North to South.
Generally starting from a sideburn and working generally in a southern direction. I use a particularly moisturising product that will also provide good lubrication for the blade to glide over (Colour Me Shave is an ideal product for this as its nourishing for the skin but also makes sure every area is covered. For full review CLICK HERE)

I then move around the compass points to ensure a super close shave all over. I would finish with a shave oil for the fourth shave, as it will help with the glide of the blade and something with nourishing elements will also act a a pre aftershave.
(Something like Taylor’s of old Bond Street is a good option, very manly. their shave oils are aromatherapy based and exceptional quality.
CLICK HERE this is a pre shave oil, but I find it just a good for use on the fourth stage! )

Next use an after shave balm, if you are sticking with the fragrance of the balm, then you are done. (and can I suggest that Pecksniff’s bergamot lemon musk is a fantastic one, that every guy should try at least once. CLICK HERE their current range listed on the link) if you are opting for a heavier fragrance, then use a balm with little or no fragrance in it.

And what should that fragrance be? And how do you use it? Well it’s really simple… What do you like? For me I like something a little less well known than you conventional fragrances. (murdock’s ones are excellent and worth every penny of their price tag – my fave is the patchouli one. CLICK HERE) and as my pal Ryan from Murdocks gave me this advice, it’s only right that I give him a shout out… Use the after shave behind the ears and around the collar bone, the skin that you shaved doesn’t need irritating further and your fragrance will last much longer that way.

And it’s as simple as that, use quality products and look after your skin, afterall it’s your money maker! It’s a bit time consuming, but for special occasions why not?!


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