ThatIsBeyond… A review of David Gandy’s underwear!

I want to take a few moments to discuss the David Gandy Underwear range.

I was quite excited to get my hands on part of the new (ish) range. There has been a lot of hype surrounding it, and David Gandy is my ultimate style icon. His classy and debonair sense of fashion appeals to the adult in me!

In the lead up to the launch I read a fair amount about what the line would have to offer and I have to say that it struck me as a bit “basic”. I know that masculine elegance is his thing but at first glance it seemed that the “design” may have been a bit sparse… But how wrong I was!

Yes the colour pallette is basic (black, white, blue, grey) but the overall fit and style is great. There are four main pants designs that are available in the range (amongst a full 28 piece range including pyjamas and dressing gowns) they are:
Boxer Shorts
Button front longer fit Trunks
Non-Button Trunks

At £20 for a two pack, I decided to purchase the 2 polar opposite pairs to get an idea of the range as a whole (Without spending a fortune) so I bought the briefs and the Boxershorts. As I have grown older and my body has developed (more specifically just my belly and my thighs!) I have found a decent leg measurement around the thigh, to be missing from underwear design and so I have started to wear trunks less and less.

The briefs, unsurprisingly don’t look as good on me as they do on DG (who knew), but they are of extremely high quality. There is good stretch in the fabric and they are extremely comfortable to wear. Even if they fit very well to your body shape, there is enough give in the fabric to keep everything supported whilst also not constricting movement. (This also offers a really natural lift to the anatomy). The cut around the buttocks is also very good, my sizeable arse sometimes doesn’t fit! But again they are an excellent fit which is going to work with a variety of body shapes, which is extremely important.

I also utilised these whilst playing tennis on holiday and they are actually a pretty decent sports brief too. (They are not necessarily designed for this) but for the active male like me these are an excellent all round option. There is good enough support for medium level exercise, and they are also light to wear! They allow a little movement without everything being out of control!

The boxer shorts have some excellent detailing on them, classic and classy, from the stitching to the double button front.

You can feel the quality of the fabric and yet it’s still breathable. I’m not a full boxer short man really, more just around the house or for bed, but these were so comfortable that I did wear them as everyday underwear and really enjoyed them! I don’t say this often but I found the whole experience to be confidence boosting… When you are wearing quality undergarments, there is a spring in your step! There is obviously no support to these but they look great on (even on me) and really that takes some doing!

I think that this range is excellent, there is some classy detailing (the houndstooth is a great motif, but I am a bit lost as to why this is hidden from view in the inside of the waistband) and more than that I think I look good in them.

David Gandy has done a Stellar job on this line and I will be treating myself to more of it in the future. Any range that makes me feel sexy is worth its weight in gold!

My recommendation would be to make your way to your local M&S and pick up some of the range, I could easily become a regular convert to the designs of THE GANDY!


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  1. I have bought the DG lounge wear for Yoga. The fabric is fantastic. Hope he develops the range. He knows what he’s doing!

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    1. I don’t know, but I would say that he has a great amount of flair for design and my instinct is that if he did it would be great. I think if he could create a women’s range that flatters all sizes like his loungewear does for men, he will be on to a winner!


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