ThatIsBeyond… Inspiration from 2014

I find this time of year to be reflective. I spend hours thinking of how the next year can be better than the previous one, and exploring what it is that I want to achieve with the next 365 days.

I write this, having just had confirmation that a friend of mine has completed 12 exhausting challenges in 12 months for a charity dear to his heart, raising funds and awareness for Refuge. It is an honour to call this man a friend. We met during a production of Dracula, I was playing Arthur Seward and Dan was our technical guy. At the beginning of 2014 Dan revealed a lot about himself and his life that I had known nothing about, and the result of this was a sporting challenge like no other. Tackling obstacles like marathons, double tough mudders, cycling from London to Brighton (and back again), to name but a few, but throughout this Dan has continued with excellent spirit and determination to smash one challenge after another until on New Year’s Eve he completed the London Marathon without the aid of barriers to the traffic and crowds to push him on. This man is a legend and a true gentleman whom I respect immensely. He has inspired me to do as much as I can, make the most of every opportunity and improve myself along the way.

Dan Addis You are officially my inspiration of 2014.

I am sure that Dan will not mind me posting a link to his justgiving page, so please, please help this fella out he has achieved more I this year than I could dream of doing in a lifetime.

I normally write about male grooming and men’s fashion, but In this instance I wanted you all to see the amazing achievement that this fella has achieved and how we can help him smash his target!

Happy New Year


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