ThatIsBeyond… Choosing the right hairstyle for this Modern Man.

I get bored very easily. This is my lot in life and it’s inherently in my genetics! So I have battled with the question of hairstyle a good many times! I get it styled, like it for two or three weeks and then realise that is doesn’t really suit me any more!

I am working with a very difficult canvas: fine hair, a double crown, a three inch scar (where I drunkenly tried to cartwheel down a flight of stairs) and my hairs’ general desire to sit flat on my head! These issues combined make it incredibly difficult for a style to stay looking good longer term.

I am always up for suggestions (hint, hint) and it’s not that the cuts that I get aren’t good, but it’s the longevity of the style that is always the problem.

I have had Spikes, quiff, ski slope (in my defence it was the 90’s) long fringe, cue balled…. And various hues as well from platinum blonde to fire engine red to gothic black, the list is endless. But still I am waiting to get that holy grail haircut that I will settle in to. That will suit me and look like I was meant to have it that way.

The key things I am looking for:
A) I work in the Arts so office appropriate but can have se personality
B) Texture and volume, so that it doesn’t alls it. Flat. On my head!
C) Easy (ish) to maintain. I spend a few minutes styling anyway, but I don’t have half an hour to style it!
D) I would like to have a style that I can rock at the weekends with no product at all!

I should add that I have a round face, so anything that will slim the line a little bit us also very much appreciated!!! (I’m not expecting miracles though)

I think that hairstyle is such a key contributor to overall style that it is about time that I sorted it out!

So what do you think blogosphere? Got any suggestions?

If you can find it in your heart to help a fella out, then let me know!


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  1. Hair! I love my hair which is something some people don’t understand but I actually take great care with what type of cut I get and what I use on my hair so it looks good and fits with my overall style and look so I understand your dilemma. If you have fine hair that falls flat all the time, have you considered or even tried using a sea salt spray? I believe the salt adds grit and texture and helps to build volume and it also opens up the hair cuticle for a thickening effect. Just a thought…

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