ThatIsBeyond… An M&S look book!

I recently received an email from Marks & Spencer. It details some really fantastic pieces released and in store this January, and so I thought I would share some of them with you!

Many of the pieces play along the blue colour scape, but you would be mistaken to think that that makes this collection boring or of one note… On the contrary I would buy every piece.

Collezione Windowpane Blazer

This light blue jacket with darker cross hatch design has real whimsy. It has taken a traditional cut and livened it up with this modern design, so much so that it almost becomes a print.
This is a statement blazer can be dressed up or down, but also reeks of personality! having not tried it on I can’t speak much of the fit, but what I can say, unequivocally, is that Fit is Never an issue with M&S, they get the fit right first and build up from that tailoring (which is how the highstreet should do it).

North Coast Denim Jacket

This dark denim, trim fitted jacket is a play back to the 90’s in my mind. This isn’t just any denim jacket, this has details for days!
The contrast yellow stitching is placed superbly, creating a narrow block that slims and adds shape to the overall design. Particularly nice is the horizontal detail that crosses the fastening of the jacket and will help create that V shape that us gents aspire to achieve. ( by widening the chest with the horizontal line, the tailoring at the bottom of the jacket creates a much slimmer waistline).
At £40 this is a snip and certainly an item I can’t wait to get my hands on.

Collezione braided belt

I am in need of some brown accessories (and shoes for that matter) and I like this belt a lot. But this is no bog standard brown belt. This little collection has got it so right, the harsh structural denim of the jacket above, plays so nicely against this more delicate braid. Simple accessories hold an outfit together, but also have something to say themselves. This is a relaxed belt that can make a lovely feature in an office ensemble or equally in a casual setting. The colours that intertwine in the design and enhance the braid affect, which makes this piece a real focal point.

Autograph Geometric Print Shirt

Sometimes you just need a good print to play around with! The geometry in the print plays against the fitted structured lines in the pattern and creates this lovely statement shirt. For me this is a pop of colour and design from below a jacket or sweater. (skinnier guys can afford to show more of this shirt off) but all in all this is a lovely piece, it seems much closer to a Teal tone and there for will play nicely against deeper and darker tones.
For my sake I hope that the torso length is generous! That measurement permitting, this fella will be joining my 2015 wardrobe.

Collezione Suede Loafers

Sign me up immediately. Wow these shoes are stylish. These loafers say everything that I want a pair of shoes to say. Firstly the play between the two tones of brown and the soft textured finish of the suede is youthful and masculine. Secondly the narrow cut and the crisp line that it creates is almost elegant in its finish. And thirdly, I can already see myself wearing these shoes with 90% of my existing wardrobe.
The practicality of. This shoe in the current and unpredictable weather? Questionable! But what there is no question of is (fit permitting) these will been seen on my feet this summer.

And finally …

Autograph Blazer

I am particularly impressed with this blazer. There is a great blending of textures and shades, and this is primarily created from the combination of cotton and linen.
The blend of the linen is where the texture comes from, the rough and smooth is emphasised further by the varying tones within the grey spectrum.
Mostly this is the kind of jacket that (providing you buy the correct size) and man can wear, and will look better doing so!

Whilst I love all of these items, for me it is a throw up between the autograph blazer and the Suede loafers, for poll position. Who knows, when payday comes around maybe I’ll treat myself… To both!


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