ThatIsBeyond’s… Man essentials.

Today’s blog post is an exploratory look at what I keep in my Manbag for everyday use!

Since transferring into my royal blue rucksack, I even a have a pocket with the specific purpose of housing these grooming items, ready for any emergency that could come my way!!!

L’oreal Men Expert Pure Power Roll-On.
This miniature roll-on features a cooling rollerball that tackles spots and blemishes, fast! I find it helps to reduce any swelling and can often tackle these unwelcome visitors before they properly develop.
Click Here

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel No-Shine Moisturising Lip Balm.
I reviewed this Bad Boy recently (Click Here) but this is a staple item for the colder months. I find it nourishing and moisturising, and it tastes pretty good too! This is a great Lip balm that will leave you lips feeling softer.
Click Here

Bath and Bodyworks Pocketbac.
I am a little obsessive about having clean hands! I spend a lot of my day using telephones and computers that have been touched by others (most likely with less regard for cleanliness than me!) That being in mind, I carry at least a couple of antibacterial hand washes with me wherever I go… Currently I have Honolulu Sun (coconutty with a fruity tang) & Mr Hedgehog’s Orchard Apple (self explanatory!) the great thing about these little germ killing bottles is that they do not have the hospital/ raw alcohol after smell, and they genuinely smell like their fragrance.
Not available in the UK. I get mine via EBay (but do watch out for delivery costs)

Previous excursions to my Gym have been scuppoured by not having this vital bit of gym equipment! ( I have on the odd occasion used the lack of a padlock as an excuse not to exercise) but no more! I have one in my washbag, one at work, and one in my bag! Problem solved!

Super Lactase.
These little lifesavers mean that I can digest lactose!!!!! Which is amazing. I used to avoid eating out because I didn’t know what was in different gods (and 9 times out of 10, nor did the servers!) These soft capsule pills are taken before a meal and digests the sugary lactose as a favour to my stomach! If you have a dairy or lactose intolerance they may well be worth looking into!
Click Here

A Model Recommends Colab dry shampoo.
My hair is as flat as the proverbial pancake, so this dry shampoo in a travel size is great for spruce up before heading out! It works best when there is a bit of grease in the hair (not much use if you are fresh out of the shower!) and just adds a little boost.
Click Here

Book mark
My mum made this for me! And was a belated Christmas present! In all seriousness though I am always folding the corners of books because I have no bookmark so I am trying my best not to do that in 2015!

L’occitane hand cream for dry skin.
The winter months are not kind to our skin, and let’s face it our hands take a real beating. I find a decent hand cream is an essential product for every day life (also if you use antibacterial gels, this will replenish the lost moisture). I am currently using the L’occitane dry skin hand cream. It’s has a light fragrance of baby powder? (or maybe that is just me!) and does an intense job of moisturising the hands.
Click Here

Pecksniffs active fragrance!
Pecksniff’s really are one of my fave brands. Based in Brighton, they produce blended grooming products, from body oils to aftershave. This is a sample size, and it came in a gift set of fresh and hip blends that are just a little different to the conventional brands that we see all of the time.
Click Here

Maybe you think that this is a little excessive, but actually I use most of these things every day!


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  1. Nice! The Kiehl’s Facial Fuel No-Shine Moisturising Lip Balm is AMAZING! I picked one up last year at the airport on my way to Greece and was absolutely blown away with how good it was. I’ve been quite curious about the A Model Recommends Colab dry shampoo too especially since I know Ruth but haven’t yet tried it. Might give it a go and see how I get on… 🙂 Great post, as always!


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