ThatIsBeyond… The King of Shaves – Shave & Shield.

This product is a rarity.

Generally in life, I find that products which try to be do more than one job, tend to do none of them very well! In becoming a “convenience problem solver” they cease to work effectively.

I guess as a brand it’s all a balancing act, do you tailor your product for a market that values convenience above everything else? Or do you create two or three specific products?

I am glad to say that the King Of Shaves seems to have achieved the seemingly impossible … They have created a multi-purpose product, that is of a high quality, and completes all of its functions really well.

Let me introduce the King of Shaves Shave and Shield – which is a one stop shop for your shaving experience! This product is a marriage of preshave, shave & post shave, which also makes it a damned good travel essential as well.

This cream has a thick consistency and has a shine to it, but don’t be fooled into thinking that this is an oily product, it is actually really nourishing. It has a natural fragrance that is fresh and manly. It’s consistency allows for easy application to the hair and this is also really simply worked into the skin beneath the hair where we need that moisture!

Step 1 – Pre Shave
Applied liberally to the shave area, massage the cream into the skin, ensuring that extra care is taken massaging this into any thicker areas of hair growth.
This will begin to soften the hairs and nourish the skin (which can easily become dry during the shaving process). It’s actually very easy to ensure you have covered every square inch, quickly and effectively!

Step 2 – The Shave
Having left this application for a couple of minutes (I use this time to sort out the sideburns, nostril hair etc!) Next you begin the actual shave.
It recommends gliding the razor in the direction of the hair growth, but what ever your shave style, this product will adapt to it!
Quite quickly you will realise what good care this product has taken of your skin, I had no razor burn, and very little dryness!

Step 3 – Post-Shave
Reapply a small pea sized amount of the product and use as a moisturiser in the dry shaved areas. Sometimes freshly shaved skin has a dullness to it, but this combats dryness and ensures a healthy glow!

As a travel item, this dream of a products ticks all of the boxes. It’s convenient and will ensure that your skin remains looking good and Healthy (even in extreme weather). This winter has really taken its toll on my skin, drying it out, which in turn has created excess oil. I have found that this product evens up the skins balance and has in turn left it in great condition.

Who will love this product?

Anyone. It really is the only product (that I have tried) that is a successful marriage of convenience and quality. And when space in your travel bag is at a premium, you could do a lot worse than relying on the King Of Shaves to keep your skin looking good and optimising your shave experience.


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