ThatIsBeyond… A swagger in your step by step grooming routine.

Cue Swagger & Jacks and their beardy range of solutions for all of your grooming  needs!
This British company have a vintage style, there is no denying it! The blend of fragrances are mixed with a little nostalgia for good measure. However don’t mistake Swagger and Jacks as just another range of Man products, their modern adaptation of traditional products has enhanced the range, and set them apart as the home of masculine necessity grooming products.
I received two of their beard oils which sit nicely within their overall range, but this brand covers everything from hair styling to shaving, skincare to gift sets. And what you will receive (well packaged  and delivered in a timely fashion) is a stylish product that oozes quality and masculinity.
Both oils have a similar “feel to them”. They are a lighter viscosity than other oils on the market, which makes mixing them together very easy.
The Swagger and Jacks Ultimate Beard Oil is the sweeter of the two blends, a sleek oil that has depth of fragrance and tone to its blend. This product for me is a weekend fragrance, that is complimentary to the stronger aromas that are on the market.
The Premium beard oil is a more savoury product, with a light musky feel to it. This blend is an everyday base note for the style conscious man. And builds upon the clean, freshly powdered aroma of barbershops, back in the day.
I change my style and mind all of the time. So for me, it is necessary for a product to have dual function and be adaptable to my ever-developing lifestyle. At that slightly uncomfortable level of mid-growth, I was due to attend a wedding and I had to make the decision to shave it all off.
Not only did I notice that the skin beneath was in much better condition than usual, but I did also find the hair easier to shave!
I also decided to put these oils to the test in other ways! Trying to keep shorter stubble looking healthy, And experimenting  with using them as a moisturiser! All in all I am really impressed.
Their consistency, is a key contributor in their usability. It moves easily through hair growth, which means it is conditioning to to skin as well as the hair itself. It also allows a good amount of moveability, which is vital when using this product as a styler for your facial hair.
Any style conscious man will appreciate this unique range, and with the stylish packaging, any bachelor’s bathroom will be enhanced with a couple of bottles by the shaving mirror!
There are also gift sets available, so start getting the hints in with your loved ones as soon as possible!
For a look at what Swagger and Jacks have to offer, Click Here to check out their range of Products.

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