David Gandy for Autograph Swimwear Announced

The release of a David Gandy line is always exciting, but I have to say that I cannot wait to see the full eight piece range which was announced today.(but will be released in early June).

I love swimwear. There is something about its association with fun and sun that makes me feel comfortable in it.

However, swimwear is a tough item to judge for the larger male, there are many factors that need to be taken into account; length, cut, pattern etc. There is nothing to hide behind when it comes to swimwear, so the fit has to be right, and what David has proven in his Autograph Loungewear and underwear collections is that he can deliver on fit, wearability, and design for all shapes and sizes. Needless to say, my expectations of this range are extremely high!

To that end, I predict that There will be a massive queue upon release and I will be trying my best to get my hands on some of these sought after lines, myself! 

Let’s face it, I think we are all man enough to admit that any menswear is going to look great on “The Gandy” (the world’s only Male Supermodel), but the real proof of quality design is whether us mere mortals can confidently wear the swimwear as well, look good in them, but more importantly still, FEEL good in them.
The great news is that from this promotional pic, you should feel in safe hands.

The statement debonair print is incorporated with excellent detailing and the fit is as good as ever. The contrast buttons and fold over pocket are where the proof of the quality comes in, and ensures that the swimwear is wearable in the street or on the beach.

Bravo David. Another fantastic collaboration with M&S.

The complete collection is set to launch online and in over 100 stores across the UK and internationally this summer in early June 2015. (And I can’t wait!)


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    1. Hey, thanks for reading, I am a male grooming, fashion and lifestyle blogger, and as David announced the release yesterday, this is my opinion on what we will see from the collection.


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