ThatIsBeyond… AW2015 – Will you be getting your M&S Style on?

It’s always a pleasure to get a sneak preview of the M&S range for the up-coming season. More and more we are all starting to realise, that quality and longevity in Menswear is the key to a successful wardrobe. In womenswear you are thinking season to season, but with Menswear our fashion choices tend to last 4 seasons plus! With M&S creating fashion forward and wearable ranges that are stamped with the level of quality that you would expect from this High Street giant, they really are the foundation blocks that you and I should be building our Autumn/Winter outfits from.

For me this next frontier in AW wear is a hue of grey. And that my friends, is great news because it gives us a lot of range to play with! From knitwear to suiting to statement pieces, grey is the biggest player of them all – and for any larger framed guys, like me there are so many flattering pieces that you can pull together from this collection to create a capsule wardrobe that is going to take you through 2015 and beyond.

Comfort is key, and luxe sportswear is in! In in these designs with the great cut of cloth that you always find at M&S there is no danger of looking like you are on the way to the gym! This is formal fabrics, cut with a cuffed leg, or reversely, stretch sports fabric in a convincing office cut. (As pictured below)

On the left we have jogging bottoms paired with a lovely light tweed jacket and a scarf (a really lovely weekend look or a less formal approach to workplace style) and on the right this fantastic three-piece suit which is full of detail in this statement grey, and will be retailing for just £129.00! This has got to be the bargain of the collection. It is a high quality cut with three adaptable pieces that will make this extremely wearable (tailored to a wide size range), and this shade of grey means that this is universally wearable for casual or more formal situations.

 Get in line boys! I will be at the front of the queue!
Two main trends stuck out to me, and they were Geometric knits and ombré. It was in these two trends that I saw the main introduction of colour into the designs. This shirt plays on the ombré trend in this bold red contrast to the grey (for those less bold in their choices, there is also a two tone grey version). Accessorised correctly this is going to be a great option for a night out, this will transfer easily between the office and a bar and look great in both settings.


Geometric knits created with colour and pattern, or really interestingly in the knit Itself are huge for the upcoming seasons. It breaks up the mass of knitwear and means that graduated layers can be played around with easily. The parqué knit of this piece gives a lot of scope, breaking up the mass of fabric and creating a breathable quality that allows glimpses of the under layer throughout! This is a chunky knit but with a very free quality to it.
This bold houndstooth jacket is from The Best of British collection, and has a wonderful modern feel with a vintage flair to the design. The black accent detailing makes this an über modern piece, and one that I haven’t seen elsewhere. It’s a substantial jacket that will easily see you through the casual party season at £259.00 you are paying for a truly British-made jacket that is going to make a statement in the party season.
For me the star of the collection is this leather-sleeved bomber jacket that is contemporary and well cut. The shiny silver zip adds to its modernity and adds tho this substantial level of look in this piece.
The quality is fantastic and I can see this being a popular buy, with such a flattering cut, this jacket is wearable for all shapes and sizes, and can be super casual or more formally styled to fit in with many occasions. At £129.00 this is a brilliant buy.

Finally, my overall impression of the collection is that good quality basics and great styling/accessorising are the way to make this season’s fashions work. The basic roll neck with a statement blazer and some contrast soled shoes will say much more than being over fussy with your accessories! 

Having said that there are some tip top items that will make accessorising as easy as pie! This grey fedora is everything the quintessentially English Gent needs this winter, and this large faced watch is country chic

With 3 staggered releases throughout the seasons (the first one at the beginning of July), make sure you keep an eye on
And in store for these fantastic releases.

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