That is Beyond – National Running Day – Happy Socks Fun!


So having had a day to recover, I thought it I was time to reflect on the happy morning that was had on National Running Day!

It’s not very often that I wake up at 5.45am and describe the experience as fun! But this lovely little Fun Run (totalling 5km of London parks and streets alike) was full of more than it seemed! The event was organised by Happy Socks, and was supported by a small team of personal trainers from the Strand Branch of Fitness First.

First, let me tell you about the socks… With a vast array of designs and colours these are more than a standard pair of Fun Socks, they are built with Athletics in mind, as much as their fun exteriors.
I found that they were very cushioned and comfortable to wear. Their elasticity was tight enough that they stayed put, but not so tight that they cut the circulation off! It struck me that whilst these are an athletes friend all year round, this Athletic Collection will really come into its own in the autumn. 
As a runner I find jogging bottoms very restrictive, but autumn and winter can some times be very chilly… These are perfect to bridge this gap, because they keep the muscles really warm and I dare say, I would risk them with shorts in the winter months. (What can I say, the Swedish people know how to keep warm!)
The colours are bold and the patterns vary from more sedate designs to psychedelic ones! They are Happy Socks for Happy People, and what’s life without Happiness… Or without socks for that matter!  

The team of Personal Trainers from Fitness First, were really personable and supportive throughout. These are the kind of people who will push you to achieve your goals, but without making you SUFFER (too much)! Their banter and help was much appreciated and I have to say that they were a part of what made the morning so great.
Another lovely touch was that we were welcomed into Fitness First as honorary members to have a look at the facilities and use their showers and changing areas. 
This is a great gym.
It has a positive vibe, with up to date equipment and changing facilities that were at the top end quality of any gym that I can afford to go to. As well as great facilities, two separate PT’s (who had not been on the run) stopped to say hello and introduce themselves, if there is anything as important as the facilities, it’s great service and I was really impressed.
(I use a rival gym in Central London and they could learn a thing or two from this team).

So all in all a brilliant experience, some money was made for charity and I got some Happy Socks, that make me really Happy.
Do keep your eyes open for any other events by the team at Happy Socks and if you are in the seven dials area, why not treat yourself to the happiest socks you ever will see?!
And get down to Fitness First The Strand and see if their gym has what you are looking for.

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