ThatIsBeyond… Home away from Home Grooming Products

For the past 10 days my wife and I have been looking after this pretty lady (and the beautiful house that she lives in!)
Whilst packing for time away from my own flat, I pondered… Which grooming products do I really need? And this I what I came up with!
A) Vitamin E Skincare – Refreshing Toning Mist From tube journeys, to constant upping and downing the stairs at work, I find my skin can get a little oily (and let’s face it, a little gross!) a little spray like this just helps to freshen you up. This one is a simple unisex fragrance that’s really subtle, and does the job nicely.

£2.99 From Superdrug

B) Clinique for Men Exfoliating Tonic This is a toning staple that is really effective at removing the dirt that is resting in the pores. I find it gentle on the skin, but still an effective cleansing tonic. The Clinique for men range is generally very good, but this product is a must have for any trip. 

£16.50 From

C) Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner Some kind of lip care is necessary it this warm but breezy weather. And this is a particularly good one that works into the surface of the lips and is long lasting in providing moisture. It also moves away from the artificial mint fragrance that is common with lip balms for men, and instead feels like a more natural blend.

£2.69 From Boots

D) Gatsby Moving Rubber Hair Gum This watermelon scented hair gum, is really pliable and means that style can be achieved without it being fixed in place. I also find this a really light hair product that doesn’t weigh it down too much. You only need a tiny bit, massaged in at the roots and style upwards from there. I have only been able to find this online, but my hairdresser mate swears by it for men’s styling.

Around the £10 mark.

E) Clarins Men Super Moisture Gel  A great alternative to oily moisturise creams, this product has a cooling effect on the skin and doesn’t sit on the surface of your face like some creams can. Instead it quickly works into the skin and leaves you with a brighter complexion, eradicating any dry areas. I love this product. I do use other moisturisers but this is a fool- proof solution to any aggravated or puffy areas.

This is part of a travel set which costs £24.95 From all

F) Nivea For Men Sport Anti-Perspirant. As anti-perspirants go, this is a pretty good one, a gym bag go to, this is long lasting and effective. I do find the silver protect range a bit gentler, but this one does the job just fine! The sport fragrance is pleasant and not too potent, so shouldn’t interfere with your daily cologne. And let’s face is it in this muggy weather a decent spray is necessary!

£2.00 From Boots

G) Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula – Daily Calming Facial Lotion This is a sample size from the palmers range and it has a whole lot of that cocoa goodness inside of this small tube. It’s not too heavy to apply, but lasts all day without sliding around too much. It’s a nice, intense, everyday moisturiser.

£6.49 From

H) Murdock London Cologne in Fougere This woody fragrance has an earthy base and is a robust and manly fragrance. The pay off from the fragrance is excellent and long lasting. It comes from a sturdy range of amazing grooming products and for me, it really shines amongst great company. This is a quality fragrance which will work as part of your shave routine or as a fragrance in its own right.

£70.00 From

I) Pecksniffs England Grapefruit Dry Body Oil The perfect product for when you jump out of the shower and want to replace the moisture that will have been lost in all the lotions and potions used in the shower. This is just one product from a great range, and it’s a really good one. My wife and I both use this and it’s dry formula means you don’t look like an oil slick, it works into the skin and nourishes where you need it.

£5.99 From TKMAXX

J) Henri Lloyd Ocean Minerals Sun Defence Cream SPF 30 Obviously in summer time we are all reliant on a decent SPF. And Henri Lloyd has provided us with this excellent travel size. At factor 30 it’s a strongish SPF for everyday. It’s filled with minerals and has a surf vibe to it. This is great for any sportsmen out there who want a long lasting SPF that will combine well with a great moisturiser.

£11.00 From

K) Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil In the world of Male Grooming, (and,I’m told in the beauty world too) this is the product that took it by storm. An oil moisturiser that is strong enough to work throughout the night, but without leaving you oily. This is again a dry oil, but more than that, it has a soothing effect on the skin and I have found it to tame my irritable skin. I am a convert to it and I will certainly be replacing it when it runs out!

£36. From Kiehls

L) The Scottish Fine Soap Company Exfoliating Body Wash  You know you have a product of great quality when you read the name ‘Scottish Fine Soap’. And this is no exception! It is a gentle exfoliator, that is traditional in its fragrance but really cleans the skin and helps to remove those surface skin cells that can clog up the pores. This will almost certainly graduate to my gym grooming kit as I have been so impressed with this product. 

£8.50. From

So there you have it, a wide selection of products that meant that normal grooming could ensue even when away from home! 
No one combination is going to work for every man, but it is good to know that if you get the basics right (a good moisturiser, SPF, lip balm) you are on the right track! The ranges used in this post are tried and tested so in my humble opinion… You can take them to the bank! 


In this post all products were purchased for my own personal use and I have not received payment for their feature in this post.

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