ThatIsBeyond… If the shoe was on the other foot!

I thought it was time to discuss the decline in my exercise regime, and try to explain part of the reason that I have been absent from Twitter and my blog for a short while. It has been a combination of contributing factors, but mostly the tale starts with my Achilles heel… In my case, the weak arch of my right foot.

I want to preface the rest of this post by saying that I fully understand that there are a lot of people out there going through a lot of pain, and comparatively my ailments are less intrusive, life is not a competition, so I thought I would share my experience in case anyone is having similar issues.
So I have an unusually high foot arch. So people refer to them as dancers feet, but whilst I can point my toes like the bet of them, my large frame on these precarious feet has taken its toll! (Especially after two marathons!)
I have a condition called “plantar Fasciitis” which is and inflammation of the ligament that joins the centre of the foot to the heel. Whilst it is very common, it’s is also extremely painful, especially first thing in the morning after it has benn rested. For me it is a sharp pain along the underside of the inside edge of my right foot and it can be very difficult to put any weight on it.

Under doctors orders, I was put on anti-inflammatories and told to rest, but I have found no discernible improvement in the condition. For 3 months I have not been to the gym or out on a run, and now I have had enough.
The problem is that there are many contributing factors:

  • too much time on your feet
  • over weight
  • sudden increase in exercise 
  • inactivity 
  • inappropriate footwear

And I for one have many of these to contend with…

I am OVERWEIGHT, so I decided to get active and INCREASED MY EXERCISE LEVEL. Consequently I spent TOO MUCH TIME ON MY FEET and because I was broke I wore cheap, INAPPROPRIATE FOOTWEAR and that left me with injuries causing Periods of INACTIVITY!

With no end in sight, I have consciously decided to continue on with my journey (in terms of exercise) and have decreed that the first step is a bloody good pair of trainers!
I picked up these Karrimor D30 Stability Mens Running Shoes for £90 and after a few trial sessions they seem to be doing the job. Not only am I competing with this injury, but I am also needing to combat some pronation (turning in) of my feet.

Karrimor D30 Stability Mens Running Shoes
The Karrimor Stability Running Shoes combine Lite D30 foam and a dual density midsole for a cushioned and supportive ride, with a reinforced arch shank to stabilise motion and crash pad inserted to the heel designed to dissipate shock. 
> Mens running shoes 
> Laced 

> Shaped heel 

> Cushioned ankle collar / tongue 

> Lite by D30 cushioning 

> Dual density midsole 

> Karrimor fitcage saddle system 

> Reinforced midfoot shank 

> Crash Pad insert

And what does this mean in terms of physical experience? Well… It means your in for a smooth ride, that’s supported and absorbs some of the impact of the run. In short it stops a lot of the pain.

To combat the impending tube strike, I will be attempting a 12 mile run from my house to work on Thursday so this will be a good test for their durability and wearability. But until then I am enjoying exercising again and hope that I will be able to continue with my fitness goals without further damage to my foot.

Instead of putting a shoe on the other foot, this is a case of another shoe on the same foot! 

I would love some tips and advice if anyone has any.


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