ThatIsBeyond… avoiding the holiday fashion Faux-Pas.

Having flown off…

to Corfu for some winter sun, it has become apparent that we Brits can lose our way easily, when it comes to holiday fashion. It’s simple mistakes, and on the most part they are needless!

I should preface this post by saying that in my younger years I was so self-conscious that taking a T Shirt off in public was out of the question. Things change and these days, whilst I know that I am a long way from having a six pack (and when I say along way I mean that this is actually an impossibility!) I have come to terms with my “unconventional beauty” and said “Fuck it” – if you don’t have anything better to do than gawp at my rotund form on your holiday, then I sympathise with you!!

Know YOUR size

First of all, this is your holiday, you don’t need to hide away your belly or any part of your body if you don’t want to! But follow these simple rules to ensure that you are getting attention for the right reasons!


Your swimwear is your swimwear, and it is perfectly fine for sunbathing in (however small they may be) but I personally feel more comfortable (and look better) if I pop some shorts over the top and a loose vest if I am queuing at the bar. There is frankly no discernible reason why anyone except models/ Adonis’ should be parading around in tiny swimwear and even then it’s only appropriate in Beach/ Pool surroundings.

Next, If you are lucky enough to have a skinny frame, then oversized clothes are not for you. Your board shorts need to shorten in length and a more fitted approach is best. There really is no reason to be wearing cut off jogging bottoms in this great weather. Commit to shorts or trousers, not a crazy hybrid of the two!
Make the most of what you have, and show off the muscle groups that you are most proud of… My legs are probably my best feature, so a fitted (note I said fitted not skinny fit!) pair of shorts or swimming trunks will do the job perfectly. My torso is less good so a nice fit at the waistline is even more important.


The fashion at the moment is to go with shorter shorts. For most this is the most flattering cut anyway, but if you don’t want you package on show for all to see then you can still go for a longer cut as long as it’s at least an inch above the knee. 
To Pattern or not to Pattern    

It’s summer so why not make the most of those prints?! However this really simple rule will ensure that you stay looking well kept and not like a surrealist painting… One pattern is enough for one person. If you have. A pattern on the bottom, then a plain top is needed, or vice versa. More than one pattern will leave you looking like a clown!

Wear Protection…

When it comes to sex outside of a monogamous relationship, this is always the key piece of advice. But when it comes to the sun, protection is just as important. As well as effecting the aesthetic if your skin in the long term, you are also dicing with many skin related conditions including the Big C, in both cases don’t be a fool – use protection.

Be You, Be Comfortable 

Wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself. I always see a holiday as a great opportunity to dress up for dinner and to enjoy the heat. I don’t have time in my life to not be comfortable and more importantly not be me. If you want to wear those strange short/ trousers I mentioned earlier, just do it, but also think of a holiday as an opportunity to show off the best you, with style and personality, and some great swimwear!
Avoid those holiday Faux Pas!


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