ThatIsBeyond… Flying like a bird (ish)

Those who know me, would not describe me as an adrenaline junkie!
But those few, who know me really really well, would point out that I also love a good life experience.

I spend a lot of my time in a perpetual state of stress and tension. It is one of the things that I have inherited from my Dad, and it is a difficult habit to get out of. As I am writing this I have already experienced a delay on London Transport which is boiling my blood (if the Gatwick express is offering half the service, it goes to reason I should only pay half the price… But I digress!) 
So when I manage to shake out of this stress filled setting, I want to feel my time with experiences, and some of my favourites have been when these activities make feel as light as a feather!
And so it was to this end that I tried parasailing!   

And what an experience it was. It’s not scary as such (obvs if you don’t like heights then this may not be for you!) but there was a feeling of freedom and an over riding sense that there was nothing above you but the sky and nothing below you but the sea… It was an escape in my own company.

The process is simple:
A) You are fitted into a harness and parachute and securely fastened by a rope to a boat.  B) When the rope becomes taught, the boat speeds up you give a little run up and you are lifted into the air.

 C) You explore the open air and the beautiful view.  D) When the boat slows, the rope becomes slack and you gently lower, the tauter the rope the higher you rise.  E) Using point D you lower gently into the water and the unclip and you get a short speedboat ride to shore.

In total the whole process lasted 30 minutes or so and it was blissful on a 27 degree morning to be as free as a bird and see the beautiful coastline of Corfu.

An Adrenaline Junkie might find this a bit tame, but for me it was worth every cent. The irony is… I don’t particularly like flying (in a plane).
Just thinking about those minutes in the air has even, momentarily made me forget how much I hate Transport in London… It was worth 40 Euro for that alone!

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