ThatIsBeyond… Can I Get Oliver Cheshire’s Autograph?

This season some changes are afoot at Marks and Spencer Menswear. As well as the gradual release of their AW 2015 collection, they are also being headed-up by a new face… Namely Oliver Cheshire.


No stranger to the quality menswear that M&S have developed, he has modelled for them for the last 2 years. Excitingly though, Oliver is the perfect fit for the face of Menswear at this quality high street brand. He is by no means a stranger to the front rows of fashion week, and he is a world-renowned male model and style icon in his own right.
 “I’m really excited to be the new face of Autograph, I’ve always loved the M&S brand and I’m happy to be a part of the M&S family.”


As I have said in previous blogposts, the collection from M&s is multifaceted and age appropriate across the Spectrum. Oliver models fashion in a way that shows us all, that we can wear these styles with confidence whether that is a double breasted tuxedo (£199) or this ombré knitted sweater in an office appropriate pallet (£45)

Hip and stylish, I think that OC is the person who can best show this and all future collections, off. And ensure that everyone is aware of the quality and style that M&S has to offer at affordable prices.
“The Autograph collection is completely my style with great pieces for day and evening. I love the range and I’m proud to be the new face of the collection at a time when it’s looking so sharp and taking this new trend direction.”

As THE face of Autograph, you need someone who will develop with the brand over the coming years, but also someone who wears it all with stylish ease. It is without a doubt in my mind that Oliver is the man for the job and I can’t wait to see what 2016 will have to offer! To quote Scott Fyfe, ‘Oliver epitomises the Autograph brand with his love of simple luxury pieces making him the perfect ambassador for this urban, trend-led brand.’
What has AW15 got offer? As well as this super on-trend bomber jacket (£149), it’s a combination of formalwear with casual sportswear, and the accessories and footwear to create a stylish, seasonal wardrobe. These are classic pieces with quality materials, and a modern twist. There is a focus on style, texture and detail. The collection is modern and contemporary with key styles including a bomber jacket with leather sleeves, geometric print knitwear and textured crew neck jumpers, as well as a selection of sports luxe trainers.

Finance permitting, I will be rocking the double breasted tuxedo at an event near you real soon, and the knitwear this season is off of the chart! 

I wish Oliver the best of luck for this new venture, but I am sure he won’t need it. I do want to know if he will follow in his prediescessor’s steps and release his own menswear range… I guess only time will tell!

Now to see if I can get an Autograph, from the face of Autograph!

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