Thatisbeyond… Halloween and Fairmont Hotels and Resorts San Francisco

Architecture, Art and fashion go hand in hand. With the advent of Halloween ever approaching, I have been enjoying exploring fashion choices for ALL HALLOWS EVE that are less costume and more stylish.   
To that end I have been lucky enough to explore Fairmont Hotels and Resorts San Francisco website to get some inspiration for some stylish Halloween looks! 

There is a time and a place for a more sophisticated Halloween look that is less house party and more of a luxurious hotel setting! And that that time is now!

For me great tailoring is about the lines that it creates, this can lead in many directions, from the uber modern to the gothic macabre. Playing with these lines is how you stay on the right side of the style/costume line and create a flattering and sophisticated look.


Echoing the soft lines of the mattresses and the sharper edges and angles in these beautiful headboards, I had to choose a staple for the modern Dracula… A ruffled shirt.
 The sharp triangular winged collar, contrasts with the flowing curve of the ruffle, and providing the fit is impeccable this is a real statement piece.
I also love this double layered waistcoat (or vest) which lengthens the feeling of structure and reiterates the bordering effect of the outer shape of the headboards. By accentuating these longer vertical lines, you are creating style and structure and ensuring a flattering fit as well as a bit of drama! 

Texture in tailoring is a way to create more interest in a conventional cut.

 I have taken this beautiful billiard room as my nod to texture as it is a stylish merging of colour, shine and matte, and pattern in a super modern way.

Velvet is a perfectly wearable nod to the Fall, whether you are going for a traditional tailoring or a vintage smoking jacket, you are introducing luxury into the overall look and encompassing the spirit of the season. Perhaps this blue is not the best colour for a season full of brown, red and yellow tones, but I am sure that you agree the texture will add a little something to your outfit as a whole.

Similarly, combining traditional items made of unconventional materials will also create interest for eye. Think a metal tie or wooden accessories! These will add a superhero/ anime sense of style to your look.


Add some further drama to any outfit by introducing shape, colour and shine to the look with some collar wing tips or collar bar with some chain. They look really smart and tighten the look without a cumbersome necktie.   

For these embellishments I chose this super flamboyant room. Every time I look over this image again I find something new catches my eye!

However you choose to accessorise, ensure that there is a through-line holding the entire thing together. This could be colour, shape or finish, but they must tie in or you start to lose the sense of style that you are creating.

Make up
The wall papers and pattern ironwork of the staircases all led me to experiment with simple make up techniques that are a chic nod to the season of candy and horror films!  

Lace provides a great template to create a mask, and echoes the ornate design of this mirror. Or for a more masculine approach to a similar theme, you can also create a great tyre tread across your face as though you are road kill!

Ultimately Halloween should be fun, but it can also be stylish! And if you are lucky enough to enjoy this festive time of year within the beautiful setting of a Fairmont Hotel or Resort, then you will get to experience this amazing setting with your own eyes… As I am not, I will be having a quiet night in… Dressed as Dracula …Hoping they bring this gorgeously decadent chain to the UK for next year’s Halloween! 

But if a full face of make up is too much for you, then simply apply some guy liner and it will make your  eyes smoulder!

Happy Halloween!

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