Thatisbeyond… Choosing the right pants for you.

In almost all of my menswear posts I talk about the importance of “fit”, but I have to say that when it comes to underwear there really is nothing more important! Everyone is going to have different preferences when it comes to style and comfort, but ultimately buying a brand that understands fit and builds it into their designs, is the most important factor when buying your pants!
The cut and shape of the underwear is the first item on the list, when men shop for these wardrobe essentials. From Boxer shorts to thongs, briefs to boxer briefs, many of us have a preferred style. Personally I have a collection of underwear of different shapes to suit different situations and outfits!

Boxer shorts – Normally woven and baggy, these offer little to no support for the package. These are usually mid thigh length with an elastic ares waist and button fly.

Boxer Briefs – Usually a closer fit than standard boxers, made from a more elastic fabric that clings a little tighter. They will offer some support (this varies between specific designs from a little to a lot) and generally speaking the “bigger the brand” the better and closer the fit will be.

Briefs – A higher cut at the hip and a smaller design that offers a lot more support for your full package. These can range from traditional Y-front designs to much slinkier designer wear. The support means that these keep everything in place even during vigorous activity.

Specialist wear – From thongs to jockstraps, specialist wear has moved from just functional design, to a much more adventurous and outlandish range. With designs getting smaller and smaller and of course, more creative as well there are underwear designs for every taste.

So now that I have briefly (excuse the pun) introduced the main designs, what do today’s designers have to offer the men’s underwear market.
AussieBum From swimwear to underwear, AussieBum takes the technology from down under to make the most of the male form! You will find all of their models to be Adonis like and looking good in these bright pieces of underwear.

Styles: boxer briefs, briefs, specialist, swimwear

USP: WonderJock bulge enhancing technology, which pushes the package up and out.

Price:£10-£20 but they have amazing sales too!

Bjorn Borg Bright designs from sport based technology, which holds everything suitably in place. This is Swedish engineering at its best, and the designs are really fun too!

Styles: Boxerbriefs are the standout item.

USP: These are readily available, specialist sport wear and they suit most shapes. Boxerbriefs available in two lengths as well!

Price: £25-£35

Calvin Klein The staple of most of my generation’s teenage wardrobe, these are classic designed pieces in a basic colour pallet. Calvin Klein does the classic fit well, and whilst they have released brighter options and different designs, their classic range of boxer briefs and briefs is their best product by far!

Styles: Boxerbriefs and briefs

USP: synonymous with teens of the 90’s/ naughties. Many big name stars, models and Justin Bieber have appeared in the ads

Price: £15 – £25
David Beckham for H&M An eagerly anticipated range from the man himself, with collaboration from H&M. A play on the classic basic cutsin a muted colour pallet of green, black, white and blue.

These look great on the first couple of times, but I find that they lose their shape and hence their fit after a few washes. There is also some swimwear that I would like to try, but never managed to get my hands on!

Styles: Boxerbriefs, briefs, swimwear

USP: the Man himself and the cheap price point.

Price: £7.50 – £18 (for a set)

David Gandy for M&S  Probably the most eagerly anticipated launch of underwear in the last few years, Gandy has created a range of truly designer underwear for the highstreet chain Marks and Spencer. With a muted colour pallet of blues and greys, these are designed with shape and fit at the forefront. With the recent 1 year anniversary of the range, there are new designs to discover too!

Styles: boxer shorts, Boxerbriefs, briefs (as well as swimwear and a whole loungewear range)

USP: the worlds most well known male supermodel, quality fabrics and detailed designs.

Price: £20 – £30 for a pack of 2

Emporio Armani This is high end designer wear from the fashion house. Luxury and expensive, these luxe basics are the staple of many celebs underwear drawer. Many a famous face has been involved in ad campaigns for this well known brand.

Styles: Boxershorts, Boxerbriefs, briefs 

USP: these pants represent a lifestyle and are a status symbol.

Price £35 – £60

Jack Wills This brand is all the rage at the moment, their basic design is preppy/cool and they are available is a many colours! Quality fabrics for the teeny boppers and beyond. These are stylish underwear choices for the modern man.

Styles: the Boxerbriefs are the key item

USP: attached to the hugely popular Jack Wills brand, which is an aspirational brand that young people want to fill their wardrobe with.

Price: £20 – £30

At the end of the day, basic underwear choices are available from any menswear retailers, but these brands all offer something a little more than the average design. For my money it’s Gandy’s designs every time (although I want to get my hands on some Emporio Armani briefs too) I might just check out the Jack Wills range too!
and ThatIsBeyond… Choosing the right pants for you!

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