ThatIsBeyond… Cadence collection: denim jeans for the truly active man!

Denim jeans are a staple of most people’s wardrobes, and so finding a pair that fits well, and are comfortable to wear is at the top of many people’s fashion lists.
With the dawn of the slim fit, the skinny fit, the regular skinny fit and the super skinny fit… Where can you find a pair of jeans that just, well… Fit?
I have written about Cadence before, but I had to return to them again, because they are hands down my favourite leg wear!
The Cadence Collection is a cycling speciality brand who have developed some casual wear based on the needs of a cyclist (who knew that I would also have those same needs). The premise of the design is that you could be wearing this super cool denim in your everyday life and then discover that you need to jump on your bike and go to the shops. Forget your clothing having to move from day to evening, this is casual wear to activewear in an instant!
I was perhaps a little sceptical about whether denim would work as an activewear material, but The Cadence collection have created a blend that has enough stretch to allow freedom of movement, but also retains the hard wearing, structural feel of a traditional denim.

I have the Raw Cut version and they are bliss to wear. The comfort comes from the elasticity of the blend and allows freedom of movement for the guy with an active lifestyle. These are by no stretch of the imagination leggings though! These are as close to a traditional cut Jean as you are likely to find and the fit is impeccable. Having continued use for the last year, they continue to fit as well as the first wear and handle a regular wash really well without distorting the shape or fit.
As an actor these are perfect for rehearsals, as an active male these place comfort at the top of the list. (I can often be seen rambling through the country in mine!)
This is a joy of a product that cleverly combines the aesthetic with functionality and I swear to you, they will change your perception about denim and leisurewear.
So why not visit their website and pick up a pair for yourself, you can even translate the price into your chosen currency! And the page offers these handy denim care instructions …
Care for your Raw Denim 

1. Wear your denim as along as you can without washing. 

2. When “smell” becomes unbearable, wash in cold/lukewarm water inside out. 

3. Press them into shape by hand. 

4. Hang and let dry naturally. 

5. Enjoy the results of your well worn & lived in denim. 

These jeans are a total steal at around $120 dollars or £79. So why not treat yourself to the active man’s denim jean!

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