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Sometimes a guy needs to treat himself, or someone equally as stylish, to a couple of hours that are all about him! The stresses and strains of London life can often get the better of you. So with this in mind, I was long overdue for some well deserved “me time” and some recalibration… Let me introduce you to Ted’s Grooming Room.

Ted’s is the kind of place that is really all about you! Where your old-fashioned cocktail (which I would really recommend by the way) is served with a suitably masculine level of banter, and conversation flows throughout your treatment without the awkward silences!  Their quality range of male skincare is at the heart of what they do (and you can pick these up on the highstreet yourselves too!) but more than that, Ted’s Grooming Room is a celebration of what it is to be a modern man.
The service that I chose was the Cut and Dash Treatment. It’s an all round grooming programme that covers just about all of a man’s facial grooming needs!
The main two components, are a haircut and a traditional Turkish wet shave, but it also tends to any unwanted facial hair that may be protruding, as well as some eyebrow threading! (should it be required… in my case it was!)
Cut A Long Story Short(2).jpg
The atmosphere is always great at Ted’s Grooming Room. It’s a laddy environment, where a decent cocktail is vital contributor to the overall experience  – and you can choose any one of a whole list of cocktails. The whiskey based “Old Fashioned” was my tipple of choice, and it was as  good as any that I have tasted. The barbers are very skilled individuals, cutting hair and shaving with the same prowess as their conversation. As a normally silent fella in the chair, I found that the chat flowed easily throughout my sitting, and the jokes kept coming!
My hair cut (or hair rescue – as my barber jokingly referred to it!) was executed with style. I left feeling smarter and more confident than I had been on arrival. With not a lot of hair length to play with, he managed to create a slick short cut, with texture and length on the top. This was an accomplished achievement considering the canvas he had to work with!
For me, hot towel shaves are a bit of luxury. The whole process is relaxing, and it proves to be the perfect antidote to a particularly busy day at work! The Ted Baker grooming products are used throughout, but there is no hard-sell at all. These are traditional products that have been developed for the needs of the modern man. The shave cream was a particular favourite, when combined with the steam from the hot towel, the fragrance of the product created a calm aroma to sit back and enjoy!
Tommy n Turkish(7).jpg
Again I was impressed with the execution of the shave – with quite elastic skin, I often get a few nicks and cuts, but in this instance the blade was handled with great care and absolutely no incidents!
The next part, was what I can only describe as a flaming giant Q Tip! which singed away those stray hairs from the nose and ears… I am not gonna lie, this proves to be a little daunting when wielded is such close proximity to your bare flesh, but be not afeard no harm will come to you!!!
All in all this was a really great experience and the perfect polish to the hard work that I have been putting into my home grooming regime.
It occurred to me that a gift voucher would make a great festive treat for my dad, or for a Pre-wedding gift for my mate’s big day. Luckily enough, you can treat whoever you fancy to a grooming experience with one of Ted’s gift certificates, and whilst you are at it, why not treat yourself too? You only live once!
There are now several shops around central London, offering either a walk-up service or appointment only. So now it’s even easier for you to try out Ted’s Grooming Room for yourselves! You won’t regret a couple of hours spent chilling out, especially when you leave, looking better than your best!
Click Here to find out where your nearest Ted’s Grooming Room is
The Product discussed in this post was supplied for the purpose of review, but all opinions are my own and have not been influenced by any outside sources.

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