ThatIsBeyond… Zeo’s for men Qu3 with resistem range.

I am always on the scout out for a great all round grooming range. Sometimes the offerings by different brands are just the same product repackaged and marketed differently, but essentially it’s the same stuff. Luckily enough though, I am pleased to find a range that dispels that myth and shows that a male grooming range can be simple and effective.

Having spent some downtime reading some of my favourite bloggers, I came across Zeo’s for men and I thought to myself… I need to try this brand out for myself!
Their four product range consists of a  Face Wash, a Face Scrub, a Hair & Body Shower Gel and a Face and Body Moisturiser.The formulation of these products has been developed to encourage lasting hydration of the skin, which means that less oils are created to combat dryness. They all contain resistem which is one of the big en-vogue anti-ageing ingredients to hit the market, and in a nut shell protects the integrity of your skin structure.
Now I can already guess what you are thinking, so many products pretend to be “multi-purpose”, but how many actually succeed? Let me ally your fears though, Zeo’s may just have hit the nail on the head!
In the case of the hair and body shower gel, I decided to really put it to the test. There are so few multi-purpose products that achieve being an effective shower gel and shampoo. I was pleasantly surprised that the formulation created an amazing lather and that it didn’t dry out my hair or make my scalp feel dry and sensitive (as it is sometimes prone to be). In fact, I found it a wholly enjoyable showering experience!
The facial wash is a clear liquid that cleanses the dirt from your pores, and leaves you feeling fresh. Again it creates a generous foam and doesn’t dry the skin out too much at all. It does a decent job, and in this category of grooming products,  I think offers quality and value for money.
A decent male face scrub is a much harder thing to find on the high street! Us guys need a decent product to remove dead skin, combat ingrown hairs and generally boost the complexion. With the Zeo’s face scrub, they have knocked it out of the park! For me this is the stand out product in an already strong grooming range.
The moisturising formula of the scrub is Shea butter based, and features a couple of different sized beads. There is a base layer that is the size of grains of salt and a second larger size, which means that the product manages to clear the skin and also buffer it in the same process. Most importantly though, it leaves the skin feeling full of life, and well-conditioned as well and active ingredient in creating a slight surface glow.
The moisturiser is a good all round product which will cater for your body as well as your face. Again this is a convenience product that actually achieves its multi-functions very nicely. It is a medium weight, Shea butter cream that is not too heavy on the surface of the skin and doesn’t leave a film over it. I have been using this as a daytime cream, and my skin did need something heavier for nighttime, but then I have old skin! If you are in your twenties though, this is all the product you should need and is a great travelling accessory or addition to the gym wash bag.
This is a fantastic skin system that will ensure the grooming basics are done really well. All of the products compliment each of the others in the range, and they are not overly fragranced. The changes in weather will reap havoc of many of our faces, but I feel in safe hands with this new range. This is the proof that simple and effective products with great technology in them, are the way forward in the male grooming market and that the prices don’t need to break the bank either.
I for one will be continuing use, and also braving their waxing system in the new year!
Why not visit their shop here, and see if you too, are a Zeo’s Man.
The product was gifted for the purpose of review, but all opinions are my own and not influenced by any outside party.

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