Thatisbeyond… A gift box fit for me!

 The trend of getting a gift box of fashion accessories, grooming products or a mix of both delivered directly to your front door is no new concept. In fact there are many companies who offer this service. But what would I feature in my “ThatIsBeyond” Box?
I have considered the options and have decided on 10 items from across the grooming, fashion and lifestyle arenas to feature in my new (and Imaginary) THATISBEYOND BOX!
Shoe Laces 
Boring shoes can be brought to life by simply adding some stylish laces into the mix! A decent pair from the Original Laces Company features a bright coloured woven lace with top quality flooglebinders to keep your overall style looking clean and fresh. It’s the small things that make a big difference, so some of these would definitely feature in the ThatIsBeyond Box.

Shave Cream  

With all of the innovations we see in the male grooming world, sometimes it’s nice to trust in something classic and gentlemanly! Taylor’s of Old Bond Street is one of those brands whose culture is in traditional shave accessories. It’s “old fashioned values for the modern man”, and their coconut shave cream is a stunner of a product that gives you a feeling of masculinity when you use it. This is just one in an amazing array of products, but it stands alone as a must have shave product for my box!

Decaf Coffee 

Coffee is the water of life. And therefore it’s about time that those caffeine addicts could enjoy it without sleepless nights and night sweats! Grumpy Mule manage to get the flavour to non-caff ratio spot on, which is the key element of a decaf coffee and I think this brand needs to be experienced by all! So I will feature a sachet… Heck I will feature a pouch of Java for THATISBEYOND BOX subscribers!


 A good quality sock, is the very basis of the fashionable male. I judge people all the time for bad choices in under show footwear! So where do you get a decent pair of socks that has style and comfort? Happy socks will bring the fun factor to your feet all year round, so I’ll pop a pair or two in the box!

Grooming Tools

Throughout the time that I have been blogging I have tried many a grooming tool… None of which have I used very many times afterwards, except this kit from the Tweezerman GEAR collection. Not exclusively for this use, they are also great for taming my mammoth eyebrows and tidying up the sideburns. The secret to a great grooming tool is a simple item doing its job well, and that is why Tweezerman are leading the marketplace.



For my money it would be no surprise that this box would contain the David Gandy for M&S briefs. They are stylish and well designed, but also extremely comfortable to wear. If you are late to the party on this fantastic range, trust me when I say that you need to wear them to fully appreciate the design and comfort factors, and the detailing is, as always, excellent. Other celeb endorsed brands will leave you hanging, but these are the best example of design and style for the fashion forward gent.



Murdock London are one of my favourite grooming brands. Not only are their products excellent quality, but their fragrances are a lot more special than your average aftershave. Fougere is my scent du jour but I must say it is just one of a flawless scent collection, available from this master barbers. Miniatures are also available to buy to help you make the right choice of investment.

Roll neck sweater


The thing about the roll neck sweater, is that it suits all shapes and sizes and really streamlines the torso, providing that the correct size is worn. Granted, if accessorised incorrectly you can end up looking like a caricatured French man, but if you have enough style to get the ThatIsBeyond box, you know how to accessorise! This one pictured is a stylish choice from La redoute.

Moisturising Gel 


This is an innovative modern product for the bearded generation. It’s a dual purpose moisturiser and stubble softener, but more than that it does both jobs REALLY well! This had to feature in my box because it’s the product that I return to time and time again!

Dog Tags 


I wanted there to be an accessory for Spring/Summer and also ensure that it wasn’t too formal. Tie bars, lapel pins and bow ties are all lovely, but the accessories I wear most are in the warmer months, because you want to dress up your basic summer wardrobe. These were in the sale and I really like them, and because they weren’t big bucks they are even suitable for the beach!

Now you know what is in my box… So to speak, I just need a company to invest in the “THATISBEYOND BOX” Do I have any takers???

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