THATISBEYOND… The opposite of Disposable Fashion with Tom Cridland

It’s impossible to escape disposability. From our coffee cups to our tweets, our politics to our fashion, many things in our lives only last a few weeks on the shelves before they enter the “bargain bin”! And most of the time these same items have less of a lifetime in our wardrobes.
Where quality and craftsmanship was once valued, it’s seems that the pricetag is now the most important consideration for London’s stylish.

In a world where almost everything is disposable it’s nice to see someone doing things differently and creating a longstanding footprint in good old London Town and of course the fashion industry.

Designer Tom Cridland, has already achieved support from A list celebrities (Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Grant, Stephen Fry, Daniel Craig & Ben Stiller to name, but a few) who subscribe not only to the ethos of his brand, but also the quality of his pieces. 

Let me present the 30 year sweatshirt…  

These are high quality essentials that will outlast everything else in your wardrobe! So much so some items come with a 30 year guarantee! But beyond that they are stylish items that you will want to wear time and time again.

Who knew that fashion was second only to oil in terms of negative effect on the environment? (Clue: most people).
Tom Cridland’s fantastic flagship store has recently opened in London, and I cannot wait to pay it a visit!

Or check out

So do your bit by buying stylish fashions that offer more longevity than your average Hashtag!


P.s. I want these Chilli Red Trousers!


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