THATISBEYOND…Wallets for a stylish gent!

With a wallet that has fallen apart in my I hand, I turn to my wife and say “Maybe a new wallet for Valentines Day?” We are dancing the “Gift tango” again, with neither one of us being particularly helpful to the other with suggestions! 

But a wallet is actually a great idea, because I have very exacting standards when it comes to wallets, and I can’t always justify spending a larger sum on one, when there are so many other things to pay for (I know, I know… I annoy myself as well!) 

Coin Pouch

I have always marvelled at my dad’s ability to keep coins in his pocket! I find it so annoying to have a jangle of coins following me around, and as I don’t carry much change on me a little coin area is a necessity to stop the incessant jingling all the way.

(This must also have a zip and not a popper)

Oyster Card Flip Out Section

As a Londoner, it is really important to me that that my wallet houses my Oyster card in a quick and efficient way. Some people have a separate Oyster card holder, but for me it’s just another potential thing to leave at home! I simply want a section of the wallet that will house my Oyster card away from bank cards and ensure that I can get at the card quickly.

Plenty of Card Slots

As a collector of loyalty cards, there has to be loads of room for the plethora of plastic that I have on offer! From my M&S Sparks card (which is one of my favourite ones by the way) to my Paperchase card, Costa Coffee to Tesco club card… I have them all! So many, many spaces are required.

No Velcro

Velcro close wallets are fine in your teens, but the constant tearing and ripping of the Velcro coupled with the black/ brown grubby hue that you wallet will end up being, is not the way forward for a man in their thirties!

So let’s see what is currently on the market for the most discerning of wallet enthusiasts!

(Please note that none of these wallets have the zip up coin compartment, but we all have to make sacrifices! 😉 )


Ted Baker 

TOPHOL – Striped bi-fold leather wallet – £55


Brown popper leather wallet. £30 available from


Wild & Wolf Cartography wallet £30

Luxury Leather Coin ID Tab Wallet with Datashield £25.00 from

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