ThatIsBeyond… A New Dad Lounging in his Gandy’s!

Style is an ever-changing beast. As well as fashions themselves constantly developing and adapting for the marketplace, style conscious consumers are also on a sliding scale of change. We are ageing, putting on a few pounds, exercising and developing our physiques, getting more or less sleep… And so on. This simply means that our sense of style is alive and kicking, our needs are changing and our fashionshave to cater for that! 


I have just become a new father. Which is, as big of a change as is possible, and this has been a period of massive adjustment and a LOT more time spent at home!!! But how has this impacted my sense of style and my requirements from my fashion? Well actually, it has massively. Which starts first and foremost with a father’s need for comfort.
Introducing the next generation of Loungewear from Mr Gandy himself…


Let me be clear, I am a massive advocate of David’s collections from swimwear to underwear to Loungewear. His sense of style and design aesthetic works equally well for model sizes and larger sizes alike. Throughout my paternity leave I been sporting his first release of loungewear and reaping the comfort and style benefits, (getting out of bed to meet a midwife requires both!) But what does the 2016 collection have to offer?

Well there are 13 pieces in all, and they are all in David’s aesthetic of chic and effortless style.


We see the return of the Dogtooth pattern which he uses very simply across various pieces. The key to a Gandy design is that the fit and silhouette of each item is the champion of it, all the other elements contribute to it, but it’s wearability is the most important factor… And that is why this is the best loungewear available on the market.

The muted pallets of blues, greys and off whites, make this a tonal collection with his signature detailing raising the fashion stakes on each and every piece.

I think the most striking of these pieces is this dressing gown which is extremely masculine and also functional. To me it feels super modern but also harks back to a slightly vintage shape. At £39.50 it won’t break the bank, and is all the style you need for an informal brunch around the dining table.

Coming into summer we always need a shorter version of our sleep wear. My fatherly duties require a night-time feed and so loungewear/ sleepwear is a necessity in a shared house! These shorts, available in three different tones are everything that a guy could need for spring into summer. I also like the addition of the contrast drawstring on these shorts.

For anyone who has tried a David Gandy loungewear top, you will know the high level of comfort in the very fabrics from which they are made. For this collection we see the introduction of supima cotton and modal yarn, which has taken the comfort factor to the next level.  

The collection is available now and pieces start from £22.50. So get your “Gandy” on and experience loungewear so comfortable, that like me, you don’t want to return to work from paternity leave…

Once again, thanks David.

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