ThatIsBeyond… ‘Men In Progress’ with LYNX

With recent events in my life and My first Father’s Day just around the corner, it made me think about what makes a man? 
If you were to ask me what is a man, I would simply thrust this picture towards you. My Dad. 

But me and him are so different! so is there a formula to becoming a man? What are the ingredients that combined, make a man? If you are missing some of those things are you any less of a man?

Having my gorgeous son has changed my view on manhood and made me realise that Dad and I are equally MEN. We are good men for our differences and our similarities, and maybe that realisation has something to do with it.
LYNX was always my brand of choice for a Christmas present for my dad (that and a bar of Cadbury’s whole nut!). So it’s fitting that LYNX have released this Video in time for Father’s Day. It’s a celebration of the bond between fathers and sons however different they are, discovering what it is to be a man.

Click Here to view the first instalment of MEN IN PROGRESS titled LIKE FATHER LIKE SON

Different though we may be, we learn from each other everyday. And whilst I cannot kick a football, or do any sort of DIY successfully, I can run a marathon and sing on a stage and this makes me no less of a man or any more of a man… Just a man!

I hope my little boy is his own man too in a few years time. We can but lead our sons down their own path and let them discover the man that they are destined to be in the future.

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