ThatIsBeyond… Empty bottles from the man about the house!

In my house I am responsible for the majority of products adorning the shelves in our bathroom! Constantly trying new products and searching for the holy grail of skincare, my wife simply uses less stuff than I do! She is lucky because she is naturally beautiful, but for me a little more effort is required!So what products have leapt off of the shelves and onto a must-have list? And how many have sadly fallen into the bin?

Clarins – Active Face wash         The entire men’s travel range from Clarins is a joy to use. This face wash is not astringent at all, but leaves you with nourished skin that is full of vitality. A great general product but also a handy one for the office on a particularly muggy day, it’ll freshen you up no end!

Avon Senses – 2 in 1 for Men in Amazon Jungle.                                 A fresh fragrance with notes of wood and leaves, there is nothing offensive about this at all. It’s a no frills shower gel that you could use for your hair too, but I don’t! It’s reasonably priced for an XL bottle and lasts a long time.

T Zone – Clear out nose pore strips.                                    Singularly the worst product I have ever used. Please do not waste your hard earned cash on these. They are ineffective and I am sure you would get better results by slathering your nose with butter! For a much more effective product at half the price, visit etudehouse here.

Baldwin – Nourishing Cream   This anti-ageing formula is actually really good. Dead Sea minerals and a medium heaviness to the cream, this product provides high intensity moisture with none of the oiliness. A little on the expensive side, but sometimes your skin is worth investing in.

Soap and Glory – Soap ‘ er Man hair & body wash                          Part of a Christmas set, I have really enjoyed this stronger fragrance which is heavy on the musk but in a fresh and masculine way. For those who are fans of Joop! This could well be for you! A decent shower gel with a longer lasting scent.

Clinique for men – Face scrub.   For my money, you can always guarantee good quality from Clinique. This face scrub in its miniature glory tackles excess grease and grime effectively and leaves you skin able to breathe. Their Tavel set is one of my go to choices for a long weekend away.

Molton Brown Sport – 4 in 1 Sportswash.                                   This is a great Sportswash from Molton Brown. As you would expect the fragrance is stylishly manly but also contemporary, and it’s a really good all rounder. Again the price is high, so you really want to make the most of this product! But it lathers well and smells good so this is a great Gym bag option.

L’oreal Men Expert – Purifying Face Wash (Skin & Stubble) L’oreal men expert have really hit it out of the park with this range. Creating a dual active product that guys can use to maintain not only their skin, but their facial hair too. It’s a really good face wash, but I think it really impresses on the stubble, softening and conditioning the hairs. This whole range is strong, and I for one will be returning to this product again, very soon!

And that my friends is the selection of grooming products that are Tried and tested on

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