ThatIsBeyond…The Return of the Grooming Routine!

Throughout my hiatus from blogging, it has become clear that I have not been looking after myself as well as I should doI My once stringent grooming routine has fallen by the wayside to make way for… well more sleep!

Those with little ones at home, will know the affects that sleep deprivation has on the minds' of parents… and for me, in the end, something needed to give to make more time for more slumber – with work and parenting being non-negotiable I was left with a choice of beer or Skincare…so out went the skincare regime (and any extrenuous episodes of my favourite tv show – Law and Order SVU)!

It was only this past week that I realised how haggard and old I am beginning to look – with a slightly silver tinge to my dark hair and panda eyes a plenty, I needed to reach deep into the drawers of my grooming cabinet and see what life-savers there were hidden within it.

When considering a brand to explore, I initially thought of an "old faithful" Murdock of London, but I was running very low on these items, and with so many brands and products in storage, I thought it was time that I tried one of them instead of buying even more! My eyes were drawn to the simple packaging of a number of items from the male grooming subscription service Gruum.

Their no frills approach brings the brand's focus to the quality product inside the packaging, and their style has a contemporary Scandinavian feel which really lets the natural and organic ingredients shine through.

Their Oksa Razor handle and Oksu blades really impressed me when I reviewed them early in 2017. The massive convenience of a 'to your door service' was a lot to write home about. For my return to skincare I chose the five blade version and the silver handle (a classic combination) and got straight to tackling the thick hair growth engulfing my face.

The market leaders are not a patch on this super sleek razor and the five blades create a smooth and close shave with a minimum of effort.

Alongside this excellent razor (a single razor "head" is only £2.15 by the way!) I decided to give their shave gel Danne a whirl, and see what this product has to offer.
With an amazing combination of ingredients (Orange, Rosemary & Eucalyptus) this is a fragrant and effective shave gel that creates an excellent lather, even though it is Paraben, SLS & Sulphate free – which lets face it, is great news for our skin.

This is a natural product that feels excellent on the skin, and lubricates the blade across the surface meaning a smooth face and pain-free shave. 75ml is the bargain price of £4.00 and is available as a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly subscription (which also has an anytime cancellation policy). This is a top notch product from an amazing company. The next of their products on my hotlist is the Gosta facial tonic, which I hope to get my hands on very soon!

Whilst dealing with the hair growth I also needed to tackle my out of hand eyebrows! So I had to go back to my tried and tested brand Tweezerman.
With a plethora of grooming gadgetry, they really are the one stop shop for any man. I love my little comb and scissor set (from the GEAR collection) so much, that the latter is now battered and a little toothless! None the less these were two tools necessary to tame the above-eye slugs.

A little trim through the miniature comb and I honestly feel like I look ten years younger – tweezerman what is this voodoo?!

So now I look and feel a lot better, I have rediscovered some prime products and I feel invigorated. Invigorated skin, invigorated to write and generally just ready to tackle life head – on (with or without sleep!)

I hope you will join me for my next adventure in the blogosphere, and would really appreciate it, if you want to show me some love with some likes, comments and shares.

Get your Gruum on, Tweezerman!


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