ThatIsBeyond… What’s a family day in the park without an ice lolly? #fruitfull

Weekends are about family. (well at least for us, they are!) We facetime Toby's Grandparents and catch up on all of the family gossip, we visit his cousins at the local park, and of course our little family sit down for a lovely meal together and catch each other up on our coming weeks.

Whilst on our Sunday jaunt, soaking up the 9am sunshine, climbing play equipment, shooting down slides and see-sawing with the best of them – it was time for a pit stop, and a bottle of water was not going to do it! As a lactose intolerant, an ice cream wasn't an option, so I presumed that I would have to have one of those sickly-sweet syrupy monstrosities, (not at all conducive to early morning eating!!) But then I saw a sign for a new type of "frozen fruit bar" called Fruitfull.

"Why can’t something taste great and be good for you without a lot of fat and calories? It CAN – if it’s a Fruitfull® bar — one of the healthy and delicious products offered by Happy & Healthy Products, Inc."
Firstly, they taste great! I had a brilliantly subtle and not too sweet Green Tea & Melon bar, which was full of natural flavour, and chunks of Melon along the way! My wife chose the Strawberry and cream (from the fruit AND dairy selection) and she said, and I quote "this is way better than a magnum". 

With 100% natural ingredients, you know exactly what is in the product and it doesn't taste artificial or filled with E numbers for your kids. In a world where we are constantly watching what ingredients are being eaten by our little ones, The fruitful frozen fruit bars, are a great alternative to mainstream products that are filled with preservatives, artificial colours and sugar!
They are also pretty good for you…in the standard fruit bars at least there is no cholesterol and no fat! But there IS great tasting fruit!
Fruitfull® Dairy-free Fruit bars come in 11 tasty flavours: Strawberry / Raspberry / Pineapple / Lime / Watermelon / Green Tea Melon / Fuzzy Navel / Tropical Splash / Passionate Cherry/ Lemon / Guava
Fruit & Dairy Bars – Luscious and lush with the taste of real cream – a real treat! 8 scrumptious flavours: Banana / Piña Colada / Strawberry Cream / Raspberry Cream / Mango / Peaches ‘n’ Cream / Coconut / Horchata
And the Fruitfull® Chocolate Yogurt Bar which has No fat & no cholesterol… remember!

So why not spruce up your summer time park days, with these delicious fruit bars? They are so good, your kids may never find out that they are good for them!

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